Cal Confessions #1

The Californian Editors

Welcome to the first installment of Cal High Confessions! Students anonymously submit through our form and read others’ most fascinating, funny and honest secrets. Submit yours HERE for the next round of confessions. They’ll be uploaded to our online exclusives page when the next issue comes out!

Disclaimer: No judgment, just tea!

Grade 9: “Every time I have to figure out which letter comes before or after a letter, I have to sing the whole ABC song…”

Grade 10: “i go to the bathroom at certain times in the day bc i know specific groups go in to talk s#!% and that’s how i get tea!”

Grade 10: “Sometimes I pretend to not know popular people when they are mentioned to get them off their high horse.”

Grade 10: “I once with my friends purposely put a baseball through a old lady’s window because she took one of our baseballs.”

Grade 10: “I say my fortnite stats are lower to make my friends feel better about themselves. Also I made someone’s backpack drip with axe body spray.”

Grade 11: ”I pulled a fire alarm last year and blamed it on another kid 😔“

Grade 11: “i took a test on this website in a class, but the kid from the period before did not log out. i had all the answers.”

Grade 12: “I never did a day of honest work in Chinese“

Grade 12: “I skipped a bunch of AP Bio by lying that I had a sport that I had to leave early for. I play no sports lol and Mr.White never found out.”

Grade 12: “I may or may not have had 2 TAs last year as my best friends and they may or may not have been the reasons I passed junior year.”

Grade 12: “This one time in math we were taking a test and I burped really loud on accident but my teacher is hard of hearing so they thought it was a phone and stopped the test for 5 min because the teacher thought we were trying to cheat with our phones but I had to tell him it’s not a phone I just burped.”

Grade 12: “I think that Ms Nguyen and Mr Pitts is the best ship between cal high faculty.”

Grade 12: “I broke my arm while trying to hop the back fence”

Grade 12: “Lmao I haven’t been doing my homework for the past three weeks… AP senioritis hits hard”

Grade 12: “I hooked up with someone in the Fine Arts elevator! Oops.”

Grade 12: “Being part of the AP comp sci principles class of ‘17, I’m pretty sure we broke Mr. Raser. Maybe even caused him to Snap! So sorry to any future students if he’s paranoid over “turn off your monitor” or “CS in the news” or everything getting hacked memes.

Grade 12: “I partied a bit too hard the weekend before finals and ended up being hungover during my AP Calc final… still got an A though!”