Maybe it would be better to stay standing in a BART train


Jay Warren

BART passengers have encountered needles, trash and other strange things aboard trains.

A few months ago, a woman sat down on a seat in a BART train on what she thought was chocolate, except it wasn’t. 

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is supposed to be a fast and efficient way to get around the Bay Area, but recently it’s been everything but that.

One man was so fed up about crazy things that happen on the BART seats, that he brought his own folding chair onto the train.

Many Cal High students have taken BART multiple times, and sometimes the craziest antics happen on those trains.

“The weirdest thing I’ve experienced on BART is getting yelled at for eating a bag of chips even though the guy right next to me was eating a whole burger,” freshman Naila Surah said.

Surah said BART is convenient because it lets her get to places fast without dealing with traffic, but the transit system needs to improve on security and comfort.

Ishan Swamy, another Cal freshman, had a similar experience on BART. He said once a person came up to him with an old school jukebox and started doing a full dance routine on the moving train.

Personally, I’ve been on BART multiple times, and suffice to say, riding a camel through the endless Sahara Desert seems more comfortable and luxurious than being confined within the metallic, rectangular tube of a BART train car.

I’ve also been on CalTrain, and despite the fact that the American train industry is rotting in the gutter, somehow, just somehow,  CalTrain is far superior to the grimy confines of BART.

Nobody has ever been poked by a needle lodged in their seat on CalTrain!

Recently, I’ve been seeing BART on the news a lot more. And not for cheery, happy reasons.

From people leaving a slab of raw meat on the train to a brawl between police and teens at a BART station at the Powell Street station, the reputation of the transportation is exponentially deteriorating.

Imagine heading to your lousy office job in the city and starting your day by sitting in some dope’s leftover beef chuck. Yuck.

BART has been addressing these problems and has been prioritizing their budget toward them by spending billions, but where are these upgrades going? New trains?

They’re cool but it’s only a matter of time until each train is full of upended seat upholstery, scratched out windows, and those dang scary VSCO girls. Man, are they scary.

To deal with people going to the bathroom in their stations, BART created walls which  have a special coating that splashes back. This probably works very well except now  instead of you know what covering the walls of BART stations, it’s now covering the people who produced it.

One hundred strategy points for you, BART.

So, as time keeps ticking, so will the local of mass transportation within the United States.

So the moral of this story: watch where you sit, people.