The ‘happiest’ service on earth

Most of our favorite Marvel shows were taken from Netflix this week.

Who snapped? Disney+.

Disney+ is a streaming service released on Tuesday that hosts all Disney owned shows and movies. 

This includes “The Simpsons”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and all Marvel and Star Wars shows.

Disney+ posted more than 500 tweets about the movies and shows it would have. 

All Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Films (Star Wars), and National Geographic shows and movies will leave Netflix and be brought onto Disney+.

Disney+ is said to have 4K HDR streams, costing $6.99 per month, about half of Netflix’s Premium Plan monthly price tag at $15.99. 

But it seems like Netflix and Disney+ were made to rival each other. Disney+ is essentially Netflix with Disney owned shows instead. Really, it just seems like a way for Disney to make more money. 

“Smart business move but not fun for us,” said Ryan Cook, Cal High’s AP European History and world geography teacher. 

Many students and teachers don’t see the point of having a Disney+ at all. 

“I don’t think it’s necessary,” freshman Kimberly Young said. “Just have everything on Netflix.”

Sophomore Mahiyat Bhuiyan also said, “Just put it with normal Disney. Keep it all together. We don’t need Disney+.”

In fact, eight of 11 students interviewed said they’d prefer using Netflix over Disney+, despite Netflix’s loss of all Disney, Pixar, and Marvel shows. 

Part of the reason is they said Disney has failed to spread the news of Disney+ ‘s existence. 

“I haven’t really heard of it,” Young said. 

 Disney+’s Twitter, which shared information about the vast amount of shows it would hold, clocks in at a total of 531.7 thousand followers. Compare that to Netflix’s US Twitter, which boasts 6.8 million followers, and it’s clear that Netflix holds way more popularity over Disney+. 

Netflix also hosts many popular shows, such as “Stranger Things”, “The Office”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Friends”, and “Grey’s Anatomy”.

 All of Disney’s popular shows now are the ones students watched on TV, such as “Hannah Montana”, “Jessie”, “Good Luck Charlie”, “Lizzie McGuire”, and of course, “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody”. 

Admittedly, Disney+ does come with many perks. 

Disney+ will be released with a bundle of Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu. ESPN+, like Disney and Netflix, is a streaming service to watch sports live. 

Together, Disney+ and ESPN+, cost $12.99 per month. Alone, ESPN+ costs $4.99 a month. 

With Disney+ being bundled with two other companies, it seems like the solo operation Netflix might be in trouble. 

Most Marvel shows are also going to Disney. All shows on Netflix based on Marvel comics are being officially canceled as well. This includes, “DareDevil”, “Iron Fist, “Luke Cage”, and “Jessica Jones”. 

Though these shows were previously canceled, Netflix can never bring them back now, whereas before they technically could have. 

Upcoming Marvel shows such as “Loki” and “What If…” are also coming to Disney+. 

Some students are looking forward to Disney+.

“The new shows [Disney+] is introducing sound really interesting and I’m actually pretty excited to watch them,” junior Anna Truitner said.

Despite some of the hate Disney’s been getting, Disney+ is on the rise. And although Netflix no longer has the rights to say this next phrase, many still love Netflix 3000.