There’s never enough pumpkin treats

The smell of pumpkin spice wafting across the room is an autumn lover’s dream come true. One of the best ways to use this spice is in seasonal pastries. Here are some of the best pumpkin patries in the area.

Hartz Cafe 

Located in downtown Danville, Hartz Cafe has the perfect  crepe with a crisp texture, pumpkin spice infused and a topping of whip cream, just what a crepe should have. 

 Hartz Cafe is a hole in the wall cafe with a cute atmosphere and perfect for friends who want to gather for a nice treat. The pumpkin crepe is one of the best pastries at the cafe.

Andersen Bakery 

If you like pumpkin flavored whipped cream in a small tart crust, Andersen Bakery in Pleasanton’s Stoneridge Mall is the place for you. The pumkin tart was a very satisfying treat, especially after a long day of shopping.

Old Town Bakery

Classy pumpkin bread fresh from the oven that makes your mouth water just smelling the pumpkin spice wafting around your face is what Old Town Bakery in Danville has to offer.

Once you take that first bite you feel like fainting because it’s just that fabulous. Make sure you go out and try a slice of this bread before the season ends. 

Faz Bakery

If you need a pumpkin flavored treat and a steaming cup of joe, stop by Faz Bakery in Danville for their pumpkin scone. It crumbles at each bite and fills your mouth with pumpkin spice. 

The bakery is a great place to relax with small, cozy cushioned chairs with pillows, fun music playing in the background and that overall welcoming feel that makes you smile.

 Faz is open early every day except Monday if you want to stop by to try a treat or two.  

Pumpkin treats are an autumn specialty at these bakeries. Make sure to stop by and pick up a box of treats during November before the season is over.