SRFC girls’ soccer coach arrested

San Ramon FC Soccer Club  Director of Operations Luke Enna was arrested on Oct. 30 on suspicion of sexual assault of an former female player, several Bay Area media outlests reported.

A former Dougherty Valley High School assistant girls soccer coach, Enna was booked into Contra Costa County Jail in Martinez upon his arrest. But by Nov. 5, Enna was no longer listed in custody, according to the East Bay Times

The 18-year-old female victim, a former player of Enna’s, said the alleged assault occurred on Oct. 27 around 5:30 a.m. at the suspect’s residence, according to CBSN Bay Area. 

At the time of the alleged assault, the victim told authorities she had been housesitting for Enna for the previous two days. He allegedly sexually assaulted her multiple times upon his return.

“Whenever you hear about something like this, it’s always heartbreaking,” Deana Lebowitz, the mother of an San Ramon FC player, told CBSN Bay Area. “Our hearts go out to the young woman.”

 Enna’s professional history involves many women’s soccer teams. He has coached or assisted with teams at Las Positas College, Holy Names University, and Dougherty Valley High, according to CBS SF Bay Area.

San Ramon FC announced on Nov. 1 that it placed Enna on administrative leave upon his arrest. As a result, he was also immediately barred from contacting players or visiting the youth soccer organization’s facilities, according to the San Ramon FC website. The site now indicates that Enna is no longer employed by San Ramon FC.

Some Cal High students who played with San Ramon FC were surprised to find out a former coach had been arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. 

“I’m almost sad I was part of the same program,” said junior Kayla Kaneshiro, who played with San Ramon FC for 10 years.

Junior Amanda Malfatti, who has been with San Ramon FC for eight years, said she knew Enna to be a kind, funny coach who cared about his players. 

She was not only shocked about the alleged assault, but also horrified that the victim was a former player of Enna’s.

“It’s scary to think about,” Malfatti said. “It easily could have been one of my friends.”

But some students chose not to let the alleged assault affect their relationship to SRFC.

“I feel safe around my coaches,” said junior Alicia Loney, who has had a long history of playing with the program.

Aside from current and former San Ramon FC players, many local residents were shocked to hear about an alleged sexual assault occurring in their generally quiet city. 

Enna’s case has opened up many people’s eyes to the fact that it can happen anywhere, anytime, and that anyone can be affected.

Very little information has been released about the case since Enna’s arrest. There have been no known developments since early November, leading some community members with unanswered questions. 

“It’s upsetting, but I’m not exactly sure what happened,” Loney said. 

The case is under investigation by San Ramon police, who have asked for possible additional victims to step forward. 

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Detective Matt Scully at (925) 973-2629 or [email protected]