A students guide to flying solo on Valentine’s Day


MIchelle Nguyen

Isn’t it a little bit fishy that some of us can’t seem to get a catch in this huge ocean of a dating pool? Illustration by Michelle Nguyen.

Oh, Valentine’s Day, a time when both love and disappointment is in the air.  

Love in accordance to the holiday itself, and disappointment for those who don’t have that special someone.

One of those unfortunate people is yours truly.  As a freshman, I somewhat miss the times back in elementary school when everyone got a bag full of disgusting, powdery candy and a bunch of half-hearted notes from our peers.  

Still, I appreciate that all the kids got attention and felt happy. 

Unfortunately, high school students are not given the same pleasantries, and the holiday is only noted by those who have a Valentine. If you’re like me, and are lonely on such a day and don’t quite know what to do, here are a few options you can choose from.

Option one: Do absolutely nothing and don’t give a single crap about Valentine’s Day.  Didn’t get a date? Meh, whatever. Why should I care? 

There could be a multitude of reasons why you don’t particularly care. Perhaps you’re not looking for love right now, and are waiting to meet someone special a bit more down the road. 

Option two: If you’re slightly more self conscious, do something to keep your mind off the day. Play video games, watch TV, sleep. Just let the day pass as you sit and be completely oblivious to those having fun.

Who needs happiness and affection when you have T.V, video games and crippling loneliness? Draw attention away from anything related to Valentine’s Day and relax.

Option three: Hang out with like-minded people who are also super lonely. There are definitely people like you who don’t have a valentine. You could FaceTime or play video games with them, or just talk like normal human beings. 

Option four: Go watch the new Sonic movie (although there might be a few couples lurking in the movie theater.) You are either going to be happy, or very disappointed. Go watch a movie about a speedy blue mammal that can run faster than the speed of sound. Jim Carrey is in it, so it’ll be fine.

Now none of you may be wondering, “Why are you of all people writing an article about Valentine’s Day?” Well dear reader, I myself am one of those people who does not have a special somebody. 

Does that bother me? Not really.  Sure, I see several students (usually juniors and seniors) hugging and holding hands and stuff like that. I don’t let it get to me though, so what if I don’t find somebody to share Valentine’s Day with in high school? 

I’ll be fine being alone on Valentine’s Day. Hopefully.