Should students embrace senioritis? YES


Thomas Tsuchimoto

A hardworking senior takes a well-deserved nap and dreams of his graduation day after enduring four agonizing years of high school. Illustration by Thomas Tsuchimoto.

Senioritis has hit hard this year. I can’t count the numerous times I have questioned what I’m doing at school or why I’m studying when I know I simply need to pass the class. 

Many 12th grade teachers refuse to acknowledge that this is the final stretch of the year for seniors, criticizing them for mentally checking out of high school already. 

But it is completely OK for seniors to mentally check out at this time of year. 

A large majority of seniors will finish their college applications in the same week they return from winter break. The joy of this is enough to distract any student from school.

I don’t think anyone other than Class of 2020 understands senioritis. It’s not only difficult, but sometimes impossible to get out of bed every morning and drag oneself to school when one has no real purpose of being there. 

It’s already mentally draining to sit in a class all day and listen to lectures, but on top of the fact that graduation is only months away makes seniors indifferent to their classes.

Senioritis is a valid yet excusable condition. After enduring months of juggling college applications and schoolwork, is it really so bad that each student simply wants a break?

Combine that with having the same amount of homework and boring lectures only brings about the perfect environment for sleep. Ask any group of seniors and they will tell you they look forward to their naps in class. 

Additionally, many colleges around the country simply require a passing grade in every class for a senior’s second semester, so it begs the question: Why try so hard for an A when all I need is a C?

There is no need for any second semester senior to be as stressed out as they were a year ago. If the future has most likely already been decided, why go through the process of doing something that won’t have any effect? 

People don’t understand seniors have been testing, waking up uncomfortably early, and listening to lectures for four long years. We all deserve a break, and after seven long semesters, there is nothing wrong with checking out for the last one.