A letter to our readers

In an editorial titled “Voices who truly need to be heard about in-person learning are being drowned out” that was published on Feb. 3, The Californian made two factual errors. 

The first was our assertion that Kathleen DeLaney had filed a lawsuit against the San Ramon Valley Unified School District in addition to sending a cease-and-desist letter. In reality, DeLaney only sent the letter and never filed a lawsuit against the district.

The second error was our claim that DeLaney’s motive in sending this letter was to get her own children back in school. There are two parts wrong with this claim: DeLaney only has one child enrolled in the district, and her student has chosen to remain remote when in-person hybrid learning begins.

Both errors have been removed from the original editorial.

The Californian always strives to report the truth, and give fair opinions based on facts. While an editorial is classified as an opinions piece representing a general consensus of our Editorial Board, we never intend to wrongly portray any information. These mistakes were based on a misinterpretation of the facts we gathered during our research of this piece. 

We had no intention of harming Kathleen DeLaney with the publication of the original editorial. We regret the mistakes and sincerely apologize for our errors.


The Californian editorial board