These sushi restaurants are on a roll


Saachi Sharma

The spicy tuna roll from Sakiya Sushi was among the tasty sushi rolls staff writer Saachi Sharma tasted on her search to find the city’s best sushi.

Saachi Sharma, Staff Writer

As someone who eats sushi at least a few times a month, I often struggle with picking just one restaurant to order out of the 10 sushi places located in San Ramon alone. I’m sure my problem is a common one, since who doesn’t like sushi? Fortunately for people who struggle with this awful food debacle, I am here to help.

I was able to put on my food critic apron and tour San Ramon in search of sushi places to narrow down to the top three. Taste, service, and speed all played a part in a thorough screening of as many restaurants as I could get to, all hand picked by yours truly. To fairly compare and judge the food, I ordered my favorite standard dish from each place, the spicy tuna roll.

There are an abundance of sushi restaurants in San Ramon, and I tried Golden Sushi Li, Bamboo Sushi, Ukai Sushi, Senro Sushi, Yayume Sushi, Sakiya Sushi, and Sachi Sushi (which I was excited about since they practically named it after me).

No. 3: Ukai Sushi

Ukai Sushi had unbelievably fast service. I ordered it on doordash expecting to be waiting a while since I just finished work close by. But by the time I left, it was already set to be picked up. I was starving after a busy day, and needless to say, the food brought me the satisfaction I craved.

The Spicy Tuna Roll really lived up to its name and was the only roll I ate that had my ethnic tongue yearning for some water. While Ukai was delicious, after a few bites I felt like I was eating it just to get through it, whereas with the others, I could’ve eaten forever if I wasn’t stuffed. Ukai Sushi’s Spicy Tuna Roll costs $8.00 for six pieces and is a great place to eat.

No. 2: Yayume Sushi 

Not placing Yayume Sushi first was difficult. I appreciated that Yayume’s Spicy Tuna Roll wasn’t just spicy tuna in a roll. They added touches of fish eggs, sesame, and onion, which added to the flavor.

Yayume’s sushi was a little on the heavier side though. After two rolls at six pieces each, I felt too stuffed to try my family’s. But since they were also full, I was forced to eat their sushi anyway.  Priced at $6.95 for one Spicy Tuna Roll, Yayume Sushi was definitely delicious enough for a second visit.

No. 1: Senro Sushi

Located in Diablo Plaza, Senro Sushi is on a roll when it comes to great sushi. After eating at Senro Sushi, it’s become a favorite when it comes to ordering sushi. The service is faster than most other restaurants I visited, but the food is also unmatchable.

Senro Sushi is what I would call the “goldilocks” of sushi restaurants. There is never an excess of any ingredient and overall, the sushi feels light and balanced, leaving me always wanting more. No matter how many times I eat there, I never get tired of how delicious it is, making it my number one go-to for good sushi. The Spicy Tuna Roll was priced at $7.00 for six pieces and I highly recommend it.