Adding to the Cal administration nation


Chris deClercq is Cal High’s new athletic director.

Sydney Cicchitto, Staff Writer

Chris deClercq, athletic director 

The new athletic director at Cal High this year is Chris deClercq.

He was originally a teacher in Walnut Creek, as well as the baseball coach for San Ramon Valley High School. 

“I got into teaching and coaching because I want to help kids and guide them, and being an athletic director gives me more people to have an impact on,’’ deClercq said. 

So far deClercq has enjoyed being able to meet and interact with many Cal students.

When he is off-campus, deClercq enjoys spending time with his kids, 7-year old triplets. He enjoys sports and staying active, similar to his wife, who is an Olympic bronze medalist synchronized swimmer from the 2004 Greece Summer Olympics.