Counting on these counselors

Christine Abogado

Christine Abogado used to be a college and career specialist at Fremont High School for five years.

She then decided to get into counseling because she wanted to be able to prepare and help students. 

Some of Abogado’s hobbies are watching anime, movies, and crocheting. The Harry Potter series and The Night Circus are among her favorite books to read. 

Some of the quotes that have motivated her are “be the person you needed when you were younger” and there are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind” by author  C.S. Lewis. 

Jennifer Beavers 

Jennifer Beavers is another new counselor that started this year at Cal High.

Beavers started teaching as an English teacher at Monte Vista from 1999-2007 before gaining the experience as a call and instructional coach from 2005-2020. She got back into teaching when she joined the Cal staff last year. 

Beavers moved into counseling so she can work closely with students and families. A fun fact is that she met Cal Principal Megan Keefer when they were both English teachers at Monte Vista. Coincidentally, they both transferred to Cal High afterward. Some hobbies of hers are hiking, reading, and traveling. 

Kelly Nogueiro

Counselor Kelly Nogueiro was a counselor at San Jose Unified School District for three years before coming to Cal. She started off wanting to study psychology, and then spent two years at a counseling internship during grad school. 

Nogueiro liked the experience of helping students achieve goals. She knew she wanted to work with high schoolers because students start to have goals and thoughts by then. 

Since her aunt used to teach at Cal, Nogueiro  thought it would be a great opportunity to come and become a counselor. 

Nogueiro grew up in Fremont and used to do track and baseball. She’s very crafty, likes to cook, and enjoys playing with  her dog, Zoey.

Kathi Nichols, college and career adviser

Students looking for help or advice about which college best suits them will most likely meet new college and career adviser Kathi Nichols at some point.

Nichols has been at Cal High since 2000, starting as a volunteer before becoming a substitute in 2008. After that, she focused on testing, managing SATs, PSATs, and ACTs. As the college and career adviser, Nichols focuses on guiding students on the path to their futures, which includes navigating the website Naviance. 

Some of her hobbies are fitting uniforms for the school’s marching band and color guard. In the summer, she travels around the country, passing out food as a registered dietitian for the Blue Devils Drums Corps.

She enjoys that Cal High is a very friendly, supporting and welcoming school.