Enhypen dashes to stardom


Courtesy of TV Ten Youtube Channel

Enhypen members from left to right: Ni-ki, Jake, Heeseung, Jungwon, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Jay line up for a picture after winning a Top Ten Award for Top artist in the first half of 2021.

The seven member K-pop boy band Enhypen (pronounced “en-hyphen”)  has made a comeback with their first full album after a year since their initial debut.

“Dimension: Dilemma” features eight songs, with two of the most popular ones, “Tamed-Dashed” and “Go Big or Go Home” being performed on Korean music shows. Another two called “ Intro: Whiteout” and “Interlude:Question” have a more audiobook vibe rather than traditional music and are sung  by members Jake, Jay, and Heeseung. 

The album received a lot of recognition from Enhypen fans, known as Engenes,  before its release with 910,000 pre-ordered copies and 800,000 copies purchased after its release on Oct. 12. 

“Dimension:Dilemma” ranked No. 11 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart with its first entry, surpassing their previous highest ranking No. 18 with their debut EP “Border:Day One”.

The title track on “Dimension: Dilemma”, “Tamed-Dashed”, has been multiplying in popularity along with “Go Big or Go Home”. My personal favorite would have to be “Tamed-Dashed” and “Just A Little Bit”.

Enhypen continued to carry their dance-pop style into their title tracks with “Tamed-Dashed”, which brings in the summer vibe with a rugby themed music video, filmed in an outdoor lively setting.

At first listen, the song grabbed my attention. The track immediately started off with an upbeat bass and melody that gets listeners into the vibe. The chorus and bridge are the stars of the track, with a catchy melody that gets stuck in your head and annoyingly can’t get unstuck 

“Go Big or Go Home” starts strong with its dance style instrumental. Then, just as there is a build up getting ready for the beat drop, the song hits listeners with an anti-drop, which is the perfect addition to the song. 

The album as a whole gives different tastes of genres from the artist. From dance-pop to ballad songs, even a collaboration song with another K-pop artist, Engenes have been waiting for the group’s first full album and it seems as though it has been satisfactory. 

““Dimension: Dilemma” by Enhypen isn’t just a song, it’s a cultural reset, it’s the oxygen you breathe, it’s a lifestyle… the first gift you open on Christmas, a hug from a loved one,” a review on Google says. 

Although the album is getting high ratings and a lot of satisfaction, I would rate it a 7.5 out of 10 as it does have a wide variety of songs and its title track is a huge hit. But I would not listen to the majority of the album again because the style of majority of the songs is something I won’t listen to on a daily basis. 

Engenes have been on a rollercoaster with three singles, an EP and their recent full album all within one year. Fans can only wonder what Enhypen is planning next.