Why do we have a closed campus?


Lili Loney

Principal Megan Keefer checks students as they leave campus at lunch. Only students who don’t have a fifth or sixth period scheduled are allowed to leave because of Cal High’s closed campus.

A big change for seniors returning back to in-person school this year is the opportunity to eat lunch in the parking lot.

Although many seniors choose to hangout near the parking lot and their cars during lunch, administrators have noticed that many students are abusing that privilege and leaving campus for lunch. 

While the school is a closed campus, students should have the freedom to leave campus for lunch if they want.

A main reason administrators closed Cal’s campus starting with the 2014-15 school year was because of safety concerns. Administrators said that students were often speeding to return to campus after their 35-minute lunch period.

But most seniors would agree that students who have a license and own a car should have the freedom to leave campus as long as they return to campus safely in time for next period. 

If students have the privilege to eat lunch outside of campus, it’ll help them gain responsibility and more experience about how the real world works, especially for the students about to graduate and be on their own at college. 

This also teaches students how to spend and save money. Budgeting money is a huge part of students developing maturity, so giving them as many opportunities to experience and learn how to do this now could definitely benefit them moving forward. 

Seniors are near adulthood, so they should be able to make their own decisions. Cal should allow students to have an open campus because it provides more options and freedom to eat different foods. Giving students the flexibility to eat off campus can result in healthier options and healthier meals. 

Allowing students to leave campus can improve students’ day because it allows them to try something new and change up their routine. Plus, another district high school, San Ramon Valley, allows its seniors to leave campus for lunch as long as they sign with their parents an agreement form. To keep this privilege, students must maintain a clean discipline record and have no attendance issues. 

Why can’t Cal do this, too?

While the school may think keeping students on campus is the safest option, seniors should be able to have the freedom to leave campus at lunch.