New band teacher Javier Cerna doesn’t fall flat


Daphne So

Javier Cerna is the newest addition to Cal High’s staff.

Javier Cerna became Cal High’s new band director in August.

Cerna chose to come to Cal because he was impressed that the students, parents, and others were so involved with the school. He also thought that Cal was a school that really knew what it was doing.

Cerna always had an interest in music. Since his parents were music enthusiasts, he was always exposed to music at home. When he was young though, Cerna wanted to be an astronaut.

“I was obsessed with space when I was little,” Cerna said. 

He went to Chapman University where he majored in performing arts, but later changed his major to music. He also loves traveling and recently went on a trip to Southeast Asia where he visited almost every country there.

As band director, Cerna oversees the school’s concert and marching bands except for chamber orchestra. Choir teacher Lori Willis oversees the chamber orchestra.