Fashion for 2022 offers mixed bag of styles

From Crocs to PJs, people are embracing comfortable clothes


Collage by Carol Chen

Consumers lean towards products like Crocs as comfort becomes more of a priority in fashion.

American spending on fashion has not diminished one bit during this pandemic that has distorted the dynamic of time.

So what trends can we expect in 2022 as fashion adapts to this new “normal” and as we head into the new year with our hopes (hopefully) still high? 

Nike Tech Fleece: Modern Simplicity with Style

A simple, two-way zipper-down jacket, the Nike Tech Fleece is a simple yet timeless look that can’t go wrong with any pair of bottoms. Plus you don’t have to worry about when you’re wearing it, as it is perfect for the cold but doesn’t overheat for those hot sunny days. 

After the TikTok trend of people getting Nike Tech’s for Christmas, the clothing piece saw a boom in popularity and has become a staple for the wardrobe. Boasting a minimalistic look, the Nike Tech has become an inspiration for the simple yet comfortable look and will continue to set trends in 2022 when it comes to simplicity with style. 

Loungewear Bottoms: Every Day is PJ Day! 

Pajama Day used to be a once-a-semester or year event.

But because of the emotional distress of online learning and being confined to the house, people have begun to embrace the comfort of PJs outside of their homes. 

Walk around Cal High and it will become apparent that people have chosen to dress comfortably in pajamas and loungewear, rather than needlessly putting in the time and effort for an outfit. 

While we’ll hopefully never return to Zoom classes and spend all of our time at home like we did last year, the pajamas and loungewear are here to stay.

Crocs Shoes: The Uglies are back!  

Hate them or love them, we all saw last year the resurgence of Crocs, which experienced a record-breaking year and the rise of its company stock. 

The iconic piece of footwear with its lightweight and easy-to-slip-on features had made a comeback despite its previous verdict of “ugly”. Again, the cause of this resurgence was the pandemic. 

As comfort became more of a factor when it came to the choice of footwear, consumers were not held back by the previous shame that came with wearing such “ugly” Crocs. In fact, more people have begun to embrace them, which will make Crocs more popular in 2022, especially with its customizable pins. 

With the overall theme of fashion moving more towards comfort while maintaining style, the industry is also shifting away from fast fashion to sustainability. Simply put, fast fashion replicates exclusive fashion trends from designer companies to mass produce them at lower costs for more consumers. But that low price of that nearly-identical Gucci sweater comes with various trade-offs that consumers are not fully aware of. 

According to the Princeton Student Climate Initiative, “The fashion industry is currently responsible for more annual carbon emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.” 

Cal High fashion design and visual merchandising teacher Shanin McKavish, sees this shift from fast fashion as well. 

“People are more aware of the negative impacts on the environment of fast fashion,” McKavish said. “Companies are becoming more aware and [are] educating consumers on how their manufacturers and retailers are making an effort to cut down on fast fashion.”