Marvel’s version of Batman is getting his own miniseries


Courtesy of Marvel

The comic “Moonlight” is a new show on Disney+.

“Moon Knight”, the next installment to Marvel’s miniseries, debuts on Wednesday exclusively on Disney+ and tells a darker and more serious story about a different type of superhero.

Created by Jeremy Slater and produced by legendary Marvel producer Kevin Feige, “Moon  Knight” marks the sixth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it will share continuity with the films in the franchise. The six-episode miniseries will run through May 4.

Based on the character of the same name, “Moon Knight”  is about Marc Spector, played by Oscar Issac, a mercenary who suffers from an identity disorder. He is drawn to a mystery involving Egyptian gods consisting of his multiple identities. 

Even though Marvel is known for its light hearted tone, it seems they’re going in a different direction with “Moon Knight”. The series looks to be the first MCU project to tackle darker, and more adult themes along the way.

Spector, who goes by Moon Knight, is a Chicago native who pushes people away and is described as being a jerk. Feige, who has also produced most films, describes Spector’s character as a brutal action hero and the show won’t shy away from portraying the violence of the character Moon Knight.

Ethan Hawke stars opposite Issac as the antagonist Arthur Harrow, a cult leader who see’s Moon Knight as an obstacle and encourages him to embrace his inner darkness. The secondary antagonist of the series is Anton Mogart, also known as Midnight Man, portrayed by the late Gaspard Ulliel who was tragically killed in a skiing accident that took place in January. The series is one of Ulliel’s final projects. 

The first trailer was released in January during the NFL playoffs and it reached more than 75 million views within  24 hours, making it the second most viewed Disney+ Marvel series after “The Falcon and the Winter Soldiers, Super Bowl LV trailer in 2021. A second “Moon Knight” trailer aired during Super Bowl LVI on Feb. 13, which garnered more than 9 million views collectively on social media.