Fantasy football is back, and so are the punishments

With the NFL season well under way, a majority of football fans are participating in fantasy football.
Fantasy football is a fun way to stay interactive with teams and players in the league while also having fun with friends. And in most leagues, members agree upon a punishment for the league loser for their amusement.
Over the years, social media has provided some outrageous punishments, and most recently the one that caught my attention was the case of Lee Sanderlin, a Mississippi man who spent 24 hours in a Waffle House. Sanderlin lost his fantasy league, so league members came together and decided he had to stay in a Waffle House for 24 hours and for every waffle that he ate, it shaved off an hour off his sentence.
He stayed in the Waffle House for 15 hours after downing nine waffles. Though there are no Waffle Houses in California, I can see a similar punishment with the loser spending time in a McDonalds. The league can decide on what menu item the loser should eat and assess the appropriate time taken off for each item eaten.
There are many punishments to explore that students can choose from that fits best for you and your friends. Even those at Cal High who play in fantasy leagues have ideas of what punishment they will use.
Sophomore Rishab Somas said his favorite idea of a punishment was wearing a tutu to school, or taking a stuffed animal on a date. I think these are both uncommon and unique, and in that sense I like these options.
Sophomore Holden Major said his choice of punishment would be for the loser to do stand up comedy with the league winner deciding the content.
“I like how the winner gets rewarded and gets their say in what the loser does,” Major said.
Sophomore Brady Gillespie said his favorite punishment was the loser eating a meal chosen by each member.
There are a lot of other great punishments to choose, such as my favorite known as the Gilk Mile. With this punishment, Gatorade is added to a gallon of milk and shaken up. The league loser then runs the track with all of his friends watching, and every time a lap is completed the runner takes a swig of the gilk.
Depending on how strong of a stomach the person has, it can quickly turn for the worse. That combination of fluids and running a mile is a recipe for disaster.
The classic buzz cut is arguably the most used fantasy punishment because of how easy it is. The loser losing all his hair is a nice way to lose months or hair growth.
Taking the three-hour-long SAT is one of the most stressful tests for a person because it can help shape the future after high school. So what better punishment than to have the league loser prepare for the test and require them to earn a certain score to avoid an even worse punishment.
These are just a few “fun” ideas awaiting the loser of your fantasy leagues. Of course, they’re only fun if you’re not the one losing.