Choir and dance practice, perform and perfect

Both musical classes showcase talents in year’s first shows


Daniela Noubleau

Cal High’s three choir groups sing “Baraka” together under the guidance of choir and dance teacher Lori Willis as the finale for their fall show on Nov. 3.

As the fall season comes to an end, the choir has sung a tune of success, while dance prepares for their upcoming fall showcase.
The choir, small but powerful, has maintained their reputation with neat performances in showcases such as the Golden State festival. They have aimed for the same with their first performance this school year.
Their performance on Nov. 3 included percussion, chamber singers, treble, and concert choir students.
“I’m most looking forward to the students,” choir and dance teacher Lori Willis said before the performance. “They’re just getting an opportunity to showcase all of their hard work and sharing beautiful music.”
During the hour-long performance, students showcased their diverse musical styles and vocals. Each choir section performed different songs, including the classics “Bring Me Little Water, Silvy” and “By Night.”
“I tried to make sure that the songs that we select really be a sparring beautiful harmony.” Willis said.
Near the end of the concert, all of the groups shone together.
“We have sopranos, altos, tenors, bases, and we kind of just like to help each other out,” senior Sanhita Nittala said.
Willis particularly focused on making the rehearsals and work space a positive experience for students.
“Ms. Willis is one of the best directors you can ask for,” Nittala said. “She’s so patient and she really cares about like helping us.”
For many students, the fall performance was their first time on stage. But the many practices helped bring students closer together. They’re now eager to take their show stopping performance to another level in the near future, Nittala said.
“Everyone is friends with everyone, it feels like a family,” Nittala said. “So practices don’t really feel like practices. We’re all just having fun because we all love singing.”
But choir isn’t the only art taking up center stage.
The dance team will be wrapping up its two-night performance with a show of their own.
Students have been preparing since the start of the year, focusing on the leadership that goes into choreographing numbers, perfecting dances, and preparing the show.
“There’s a lot of choreography involved and leadership involved with dance,” Willis said.
Some dances are choreographed by students,while others done by teachers. In the show, students will be including a variety of dances which features large groups, duets, and trios, as well as different styles, such as hip hop, jazz lyrical, and contemporary.
“A lot of girls and guys have put in a lot of effort,” junior Alyssa Lee said.
This year, the finale of the spectacle is being choreographed by juniors Krystal Miks and Sofia Doherty, who are being applauded by classmates for their commitment. Both have been in dance since last year and have helped the newcomers prepare.
“I’m excited to see all of our hard work paying off, like just looking good together,” Miks said.
“We had a lot of fun making it. [It’s] just gonna be a lot of fun to perform it,” Doherty said.
Doherty’s enthusiasm is shared by the rest of the dance class, who are all anticipating showing off their skills to a large audience.
“Come watch the damn show and see us all perform,” Miks said.
Tonight’s show is at 7 p.m. in the theater. Tickets are free for students and $10 for adults.