New ‘Deltarune’ is looking to be a skele-ton of fun


Dallas Nowlin

“Deltarune” protagonist Kris returns to the hub world after completing a mission.

Millions of people remember Sept. 15, 2015, the release of “Undertale”.
The same fans are likely to have memorized Halloween 2018 when Toby Fox released “Deltarune”, the critically acclaimed spin-off of “Undertale”.
Well in September, a status update was released talking about the progress of the next three chapters of the 2D role-playing video game. Two of seven planned chapters of “Deltarune” are released and available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.
“Deltarune” is a story about a human, a monster, and a prince, who is part of the “darkener” species. In the game, all three need to work together to save the world from the overthrow of darkness.
Fox started the update with an optimistic remark.
“Hard to believe it, but it’s already been around 1 year since DELTARUNE Chapter 2 was released,” Fox said in the status update. “Even now there still seems to be a passionate fan base for what we put out.”
Fox continues with a section called “Mini Preview”, which contains three subsections titled “More Light World !?” “More Castle Town !?” and “More Dark Worlds !?”.
“More Light World !?” contains three pictures of Kris, the protagonist, and their friend Susie in one of the game’s worlds, the light world.
It also includes the song named “Hometown Day”, a piano piece that’s simultaneously upbeat and relaxing. I love listening to this song while studying.
“I will admit that this song did put a smile on my face…” YouTube creator MediaMotifs said in his video reviewing the “Deltarune” status update.
Next up is “More Castle Town!?” This also contains three pictures of the protagonist and their friends, along with an absolute banger of a song, “My Funky Town”.
“In his update, Fox explains that this song can only be heard if you recruit the right people.” MediaMotifs said. “[Now] that there are so many extra rewards to sparring in ‘Deltarune’, I wonder if there’s going to be extra incentive to not showing mercy?”
MediaMotifs brings up an important point. Similar to “Undertale”, there are different outcomes to the “Deltarune” story depending on if players choose to spare enemies or kill them. The game is lighthearted and friendly toward pacifists, but it’s dark and ominous (especially in Chapter 2) for one who chooses to play-through without mercy.
The last piece of “Mini Preview” is “More Dark Worlds !?” This section only has one picture of a green room with a matching song called Green Room. The picture and song are beyond any words other than mysterious. Little detail is given.
I’m very excited for these next few chapters of “Deltarune”. “Undertale” was a moving and groundbreaking experience, something that I highly doubt could be recreated.
But Fox can bring the same joyful tears that “Undertale” brought to my eyes. Fox can also bring back the same sentimentality, bittersweetness and nostalgia that “Undertale” created for me.
I share “Deltarune” and “Undertale” with whomever I can because their stories are greater than those of Harry Potter, Star Wars and the Bible. [OK, maybe not the Bible, but still.]
I strongly recommend viewing Fox’s preview. His update is charming, exciting and all around intriguing. Not to mention his work is astoundingly emotional, beautiful and contains both tranquility, excitement and adventure.
“You didn’t get this far by giving up, did you?” Fox said in “Undertale. “ That’s right. You have something called ‘determination’. So as long as you hold on, so as long as you do what’s in your heart, I believe you can do the right thing.”