Stellar movies you can put at the top of your wishlist


Courtesy of C. Cowan on Flickr

“The Polar Express” is one of the holiday classics we recommend.

If you’re planning on binging movies this winter break, you might as well indulge in some classics, starting with these.

Christmas time always seems to give us wacky family stories, so let’s start with one of those: “Elf”. As Buddy (Will Ferrell) finds and bonds with his real dad after being raised by elves, you’re bound to laugh at the ridiculousness of the scenario but also appreciate the optimistic spirit. 

The comedy of going from strangers to close-knit and the mess that comes along the way never stops being relatable. So, this movie is timeless and will continue to be enjoyed over many decades because of the wide audience it appeals to. 

The film also includes an odd love story between the man-child elf, and the mall elf worker, Zooey Deschanel, just in case that’s the niche you’re looking for. – Carson Pfotenhauer

Next up, regardless of whether you’re celebrating the holidays with huge parties or at home alone, “Home Alone” is a classic to enjoy.

The 1990 film, directed by Chris Colombus, is a Christmas classic starring eight-year-old Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin). Kevin’s a little bit sick of the annual family ruckus that comes with his relatives visiting. This year, they’re all going to Paris, which causes pandemonium. Kevin gets into a fight with his mom Kate (Catherine O’Hara) and ends up sleeping in the attic as punishment. 

The next morning, everyone else sleeps in and runs late for the plane, and in a huge rush, Kevin slips their mind. Instead of being on a great trip to Paris, he’s stuck in the attic. 

The movie encourages those playful, childish antics that come with a freeing break, as Kevin starts doing things his parents would never allow. A pair of neighborhood burglars have taken an interest in Kevin’s house, since it’s the biggest in the neighborhood. They try to break in, but Kevin hears them and hides in his parents’ bed. It’s hilarious — and of course, we get that perfect family ending where they find one another and spend Christmas morning together.

“Home Alone” is such a memorable Christmas movie because it really shows how stressful yet beautiful the holiday season can be. No matter how much drama the McCallister household caused, it all ended once Christmas morning arrived and they could all enjoy their own little vacation. – Daniela Noubleau


Finally, the Polar Express is another great Christmas movie for many reasons. The film, directed by Robert Zemeckis, stars Tom Hanks in several roles. The movie has a lasting holiday spirit because of the main protagonist known only as Hero Boy. Hero Boy starts off as a doubter of Santa and Christmas as a whole. One Christmas, however, he wakes up to find a train stopped outside his house.

After boarding said train, he finds it full of children, all bound for the North Pole for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Santa himself. While the majority of the film focuses on the antics that occur during the journey, which range from frozen tracks to letting the kids operate the locomotive,  the fun doesn’t stop there. After having arrived at Santa’s home, the children gather with all the elves to see Saint Nick as he prepares to deliver presents. 

I really enjoyed how Hero Boy begins to shift his view on Christmas during this time. As he and a few other children wander through Santa’s workshops to the tunes of well known Christmas songs, they wind up in Santa’s bag of presents, which is placed in the man’s sleigh. It is at this point that Hero Boy finds it within himself to truly believe in Santa, which is really heartwarming to see. The impact was so important to him that he could always hear the bell gifted him by Santa into his adult life. 

Overall, the Polar Express is a heartwarming film that is also a transformative journey about the true meaning of Christmas.  -Pranav Khosla