‘Creed lll’ doesn’t pull punches


Illustration by Pavani Balaji

Adonis Creed fights a childhood friend in “Creed III”.

Five years after the release of “Creed II,” Micheal B. Jordan returns as Adonis Creed for what is clearly the best film in this franchise.
“Creed III,” hit theaters on March 3 and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Following the successes of the first two movies, Adonis Creed is once again is at the top of his game in the boxing world just like his hero and mentor Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) was.
After the second film, Adonis seemingly retired from boxing after winning the championship belt against Viktor Drago.
Following that victory, the third film begins with Creed’s long lost childhood friend and up-and-coming boxing savant Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors) showing up at Creed’s gym after serving 18 years in prison. Damian is back and eager to show the world what he’s got after his promising career was derailed when he was arresting for defending Adonis.
He’s also out for revenge.
Back in the day, Damian and Adonis were best friends, so close they would do anything for the other. And that’s what got Damian in trouble.
In a fit of rage one night, Adonis attacked his childhood abuser from when he and Damian were in a group home years ago. When the man’s friends jumped in and began beating Adonis, Damian pulled a gun on the men and was arrested. Adonis escaped by running from the scene.
Damian blamed Creed for his arrest because he abandoned him after that night.
Now that Damian is back, he is back bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before. The detail to this aspect of the plot is extremely thorough and very thrilling to watch.
In addition to the new antagonist in “Creed III,” Balboa is absent, so Adonis is left to fight this battle with no one in his corner.
This film stood out more than its predecessors not just for the packed action, but also for its very personal storyline. Unlike the previous films, “Creed III” is so emotional and filled with unexpected plot twists that made this movie all the more interesting
This is a spectacular movie that is a ride of emotions. It definitely is one of the best fighting movies since the “Rocky” franchise. Both Jordan and Majors put in spectacular performances, and Jordan does an excellent job in his debut as a director.
Despite this film being a love letter to boxing, fans should leave theaters still wanting more from this story. Certain parts of the movie were left mysteries, leaving its audience hungry to fill the gaps with future films.