Services for special needs

The discussion of providing better educational services to students with special needs was brought to the San Ramon Valley Unified School District’s school board public hearing on May 16.
A budget plan was proposed for the 2023-24 school year in an effort to encourage the district’s special education services and identify costs associated with those services. This proposal was solely informational and no vote was cast, but will be put to a vote on June 6.
Giving an equal opportunity for all students to learn is not a discussion. It’s a necessity that must be taken into account when creating a budget for the school year.
The annual budget plan outlines how this proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year complies with state requirements, while the annual service plan outlines what services are provided to special education students and where they are provided across the school district.
Providing special education services is the law in America under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Schools must comply with legal obligations to provide appropriate education and support services to students with disabilities to ensure that they receive an equal opportunity to learn and succeed.
By promoting necessary accommodations and support to students with diverse learning needs, the district can and must create an inclusive environment that values and supports the educational rights of all students and their needs.
Every high school student deserves equal access to the same quality of education. Students with disabilities have unique learning styles and requirements. Their means of education must conform to their needs.
Special education services help students with disabilities make academic progress and reach their full potential. Through personalized instruction and support, students can overcome challenges and develop the skills to succeed.