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Should fine arts be required to graduate? – YES

Olivia Soares
Sophomore Sonora Bouey puts the finishing touches on an assignment for Art 1, one of the fine art elective requirements.

Students are required to take one year of fine arts in all public California high schools.

When applying for a fine arts course, students may think it is just a class required for graduation credit. In reality, it is so much more than that.

Fine arts broaden students’ horizons, improve and encourage their creativity, build their confidence, and help develop perseverance.

Art 1 and 2, ceramics, photography, digital arts, fashion design, and AP Art all are considered fine arts that fall under the “F” category in the A-G requirements. Taking one full school year of one of these classes and passing with a D or higher is necessary to graduate.

Taking a fine arts class even only for a single year can improve skills such as persevering through challenges and learning to work around them. Both are beneficial after high school.

For example, current ceramic students spend weeks on projects and endure challenges throughout the process, such as clay being too dry or their work not coming out as expected.

Fine arts classes may also encourage students to try new things that they wouldn’t have imagined themselves doing.

Some may argue the fine arts credit is unnecessary and students who are not interested in the arts should not be obligated to take one class to graduate.

But according to the University of California A-G policy resource guide, fine arts provide students with a meaningful experience, which enhances students’ knowledge of the arts.

It is important for students to learn more about art because it can be a way to express themselves or communicate.

Students in Art 1 and 2 can use various forms of symbols, texts and images to connect with various diverse audiences. Not only can they connect with others through art, but they also express how they are feeling in pieces of art.

Creating meaningful experiences is critical for students, especially in high school. Meaningful experiences can include meeting new people and learning new skills, whether it’s drawing, sculpting, taking photos, or designing clothing. Students have the opportunity to create something from their imagination.

In darkroom photography, students learn how to efficiently take photos and develop them in an actual darkroom. Although students may not go on to become professional photographers, they are learning how to take photos and process them, giving them the skill of taking photos outside of school.

Students who wish to have careers involving fine arts have the opportunity to gain this experience in high school.

The one year of fine arts credit is necessary for a reason, and students gain a different perspective about how to solve challenges, not only in class but also outside of school as well.

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