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These summer flicks should be worth watching

Summertime is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to lay back, relax, grab some snacks and watch a fresh, newly released movie. These are some of the most anticipated movies coming this summer ranked!

  • MaXXXine

“MaXXXine,” coming out on July 5, tells the story of Maxine, who is played by Mia Goth. Maxine, an aspiring actress in 1980’s Hollywood,  finally gets to turn her dream of fame into reality. But there’s a mysterious killer targeting Hollywood’s starlets, and a series of brutal killings threatens to unveil her dark secrets. 

I ranked “MaXXXine” in first place because I love the way Goth captures her characters’ emotions flawlessly and how she can make them feel like real people, such as her previous works including “X” and “Pearl.” I typically don’t like horror movies unless they include some kind of in-depth psychological development because I hate feeling scared without a psychoanalysis distracting me. But despite being a coward, the trailer gave me chills and sparked my curiosity. I’d never turn down a movie starring a stubborn, pretty woman who’s gone mad. Those types of movies are right up my alley and I’m ecstatic to see this one. 

  • Deadpool & Wolverine

“Deadpool & Wolverine,” launching on July 26, explores a new adventure where the two superheroes played by Ryan Renolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine come together in a mission to defeat a common enemy that will change history in the Marvel universe. 

I truly do not care for Marvel. But in the times that I’ve been dragged into the cinema by family to watch a Marvel movie, I’ve enjoyed the cinematography, the humor, and simply watching silly superheroes fly across a big screen for a couple hours. Since my family members are nerds, I expect to be forced in the theater to watch “Deadpool & Wolverine,” and even though I know I’ll be confused, I’m excited to look at cool effects and giggle at jokes I don’t understand again.

  • Bad Boys: Ride or Die

“Bad Boys: Ride or Die” is the fourth movie in the Bad Boys action franchise. The buddy cop comedy film is releasing on June 7 starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as two detectives in the Miami Police Department who find themselves on the run in a dangerous mission trying to clear the name of their police captain who is linked to drug cartels.

I placed this movie in my top three because it looks like a sick, funny cop movie to indulge in mindlessly. I adore watching nonsensical, funny action movies like this one because they’re the perfect movies for turning off my brain and zoning out. It appears to be the perfect blend of hilarious comedy and fun police action, so I can’t wait to see it in theaters.

  • Despicable Me 4

The beloved Despicable Me series is finally continuing with “Despicable Me 4” on July 3. In the film, Gru faces a prison escapee who intends to take him down. Meanwhile, Gru’s daughters, his girlfriend and new family member Gru Junior, are forced to be on the run.

This movie makes it near to the top of my list because the previous movies were whimsical, heartwarming and the perfect amount of cringy. I really missed seeing Gru and his daughters, and I’m thrilled to see them again. Although, I am slightly worried that the movie might not top the rest of the Despicable Me movies and it may feel like an unnecessary addition because it’s hard to create a new, good quality plot with the same main characters, especially considering there are already multiple movies with them.

  • A Quiet Place: Day One (online)

The blood-pumping, frightening movie “A Quiet Place: Day One” is to be released on June 28. It illustrates an alien invasion of horrendous creatures that hunt by sound in New York, focusing on a small group of survivors, acted by Lupita Nyong’o, Joseph Quinn and Alex Wolff, who must work together in complete silence to make it out alive. 

As I mentioned, I’m a coward who hates horror movies that don’t have a psychological analysis. Watching the trailer, my heart was pounding faster than ever and I was jumping every two seconds. Needless to say I will not be watching this movie, but I placed it in the middle of my list because it looks like a well-made, interesting movie and it deserves to be recognized even if I’m too scared to even look at the trailer.

  • Borderlands (online)

“Borderlands” is an adventure movie launching on Aug. 9 which follows a makeshift team of outcasts, played by Cate Blanchett, Ariana Greenblatt, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Jamie Lee Curtis, who are sent on a mission to find a missing girl who can unlock massive treasure hidden in a secret vault within the abandoned planet known as Pandora.

Borderlands is on the lower half of my list because after watching the trailer, it didn’t stick out to me. There’s some pretty good humor and the production overall looks great, but what really sold me were the actors starring in the film. The casting for the movie is fantastic, but the plot and the setting aren’t very intriguing to me. It seems like a good movie, but nothing special.

  • Inside Out 2

After nine years, “Inside Out” will have a sequel coming out on June 14 that revisits Riley as she goes through her teenage years and discovers new emotions. The unwelcome guests force the rest of her emotions to adapt to the new members.

I found the first “Inside Out” to be a decent movie but I don’t really remember or care for the characters because they were forgettable and shallow to me. I am interested in seeing how the producers will depict a teenager’s mind, but because the first film was unremarkable to me, I have low expectations for the sequel.

  • Fly Me to the Moon 

“Fly Me to the Moon,” launching on July 12, is about the romance between a marketing executive and a NASA official, played by Scarlet Johansson and Cole Davis, that bloomed in a 1960’s setting during the space race between Russia and the United States while the NASA official was preparing for the landing of Apollo II.

After watching the trailer, this romance movie looked uninteresting and insipid. Overall, the movie seems lackluster because the plot isn’t very enticing and the chemistry between the main couple feels deficient. The best part of the movie is the fact that Scarlet Johansson is starring in it. 

  • The Bikeriders

“The Bikeriders” is new crime movie coming out on June 21 that explores a story about a Midwestern motorcycle club in which Benny, a member of the club acted by Austin Butler, is forced to choose between the woman he loves, played by Jodie Comer, and his loyalty to the club as it plunges into a treacherous realm of brutality.

The biggest reason why this is so low on my list is because crimes and motorcycles aren’t exactly my cup of tea. These types of movies about violence and loyalty make me fall asleep. None of the cast members make me interested and the romance in the trailer is lifeless. There is nothing about this movie that is captivating to me.

  • It Ends With Us 

“It Ends With Us” is a movie adaptation of the popular book by Colleen Hoover that will take the romance between Lily and Ryle, which started out well but fell apart when Ryle became abusive, from the pages onto the screen. It will star Blake Lively as Lily and Justin Baldoni as Ryle, and is releasing on Aug. 9.

Colleen Hoover’s “It Ends With Us” is already an extremely controversial book on social media, as critics say it’s a triggering book for victims of abuse and that it romanticizes abuse. I don’t believe the movie would be any better than the novel because of how concerning the criticism against the book is. I feel as though it’d be a waste of time to watch a film adaptation of an already-hated book. 

Nothing is more satisfying than walking out of a cinema after a good movie. This summer, there is such a vast and colorful variety of movies coming out, and I simply can’t wait to watch some of them and leave the theater with that feeling of fulfillment. 


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