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What do teachers do in the summer?

Many students spent this school year playing sports, studying, cramming for exams, and making unforgettable memories with their friends.

The overbearing stress of final exams, AP exams, and expectations all seem to be worth it with summer just right around the corner.

Students and teachers alike anticipate the long-awaited summer break. Many have plans and goals of exploring new places, trying new hobbies, or living their best life before going back to school in the fall.

But the lingering question still remains left unanswered: What exactly do teachers do during summer break…and how different is it from what students do?

Like many students, the majority of teachers are thrilled to unwind and relax when summer rolls around. With all the grading and teaching that comes with the school year, teachers get to spend a much deserved break.

“It was a very busy and fun year…but I’m exhausted, so I’m ready to take a break and recharge my batteries,” theatre teacher Laura Woods said.

Turns out many teachers do what any normal student does over summer vacation, which includes traveling and exploring the world, visiting family and friends, and fueling and revisiting their interests and hobbies.

One thing most teachers have in common on their summer to-do list is to pursue new hobbies that they have been meaning to try.

“I took up curling recently,” AP Biology teacher Tyler Richman said. “I have been meaning to do that. Other than that, I’ve been meaning to do some hikes around the area, tide pooling, and spending quality time with my cat.”

AP Literature teacher Ginger Clark plans to spend her break by furthering her hobbies and interests.

“I plan to do more sewing this summer,” Clark said. “I want to try designing this dress that I like and create a tote bag.”

Global studies and world history teacher Ben Anderson wants to catch up on his summer reading and take on the huge pile of books stacked on top of his nightstand. In addition to that, he plans on hitting the gym and learning new languages.

AP European History and Intro to Business teacher Christopher Doherty plans on spending his summer doing a particular activity that students definitely aren’t doing this summer: teaching summer school.
“I’m excited to teach summer school, as I enjoy teaching students and spending time with them,” Doherty said.

With the nice warmth of the sun after the harsh cold winter, teachers can agree that this break allows just about any vacation trips that comes with the long awaited quality time with their family and friends.
Math teacher Surbhi Jain wants to spend her summer with her children, exploring various places that have been on her bucket list.

“I want to take my children to Disneyland as my daughter had been wanting to go for a long time,” Surbhi said. “I would also like to tour NASA and go to India with my kids to visit my family.”

English 10 teacher Ashley Tran plans to take on the summer with three trips to kick off the season.

“I plan on traveling to Hawaii, Seattle and Canada because I’ve been wanting to go for a long time,” Tran said.

Zen Den Wellness Center coordinator Rachelle Goldenberg is ecstatic to enjoy her summer break by attending rock concerts. She also has planned a few locations to visit for these shows.

“I will be going to Las Vegas Sphere to see some rock concerts, and going to New York to see Dave Matthews,” Goldenberg said. “In the summertime I pretty much spend most of the time either going to sporting events or going to rock concerts.”

Teachers can agree that this year was an arduous but rewarding experience. They learned a lot from students and plan on reflecting upon this during summer vacation to prepare new curriculum and lessons, as well as making their classroom an overall better place for students.

“This year was challenging for many teachers,” Surbhi said. “But I am proud of them for making it this far.”

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