The Californian

Modern Day Kids hit it big time

October 5, 2010

By Charley Kassabian, A&E editor Many young musicians dream of having their names in lights, playing sold out tours while fans line up to buy their hit CDs. For Modern Day Kids, that dream is quickly becoming a reality. Alternative pop-punk band Modern Day Kids,  commonly known as MDK, is composed of Cal sophomores Tyler Stimpson and Matt Sal...

Teens express themselves with Tumblr

October 5, 2010

By Ysabella Pena Looking for an online sanctuary free of parental interference? is a place where students are free to express themselves through Internet blogging. Tumblr puts a whole different spin on web blogging with its user friendly click-and-go options. Unlike Facebook, Tumblr...

Cal High fist pumps to ‘Jersey Shore’

October 5, 2010

By Emily Gross The cast members of  “Jersey Shore” are a strange and foreign tribe that have invaded our country with their fake tans, big hair and ridiculous language. For those who have been living under a rock for the past year, “Jersey Shore” is a reality show that documents the lives of eight crazy p...