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Election 2012: Debate Recap

Mohammed Syed, Staff Writer

November 1, 2012

For every student, there is a presidential election that defines their high school years. This is our presidential election.  One aspect of every election that grabs everyone’s attention and helps determine the election’s outcome is the debates.  This is my analysis of the three presidential debates bet...

Election 2012: Issue Breakdown

Election 2012: Issue Breakdown

Sam Canter, Staff Writer

November 1, 2012

With Tuesday’s election just around the corner, the man who will be America’s next president is on everyone’s mind. But many students who can vote are still on the fence about which candidate to support. The Californian has put together a breakdown of President Barack Obama and Republican challenger...

2012: Cal’s last graduating class…ever

June 11, 2012

Ashby Huber Staff Writer For 38 years, Cal High has been sending their senior class out into the world. As the 39th class prepares for their graduation, there is one thing that’s on everyone’s mind. This will be the last senior class to graduate Cal High. Many centuries ago, the Mayans...

Oscars Preview

February 6, 2012

by Jacob Hirsohn, staff writer The world of movies in 2011 was uniquely unpredictable. The expectations for movies were so frequently wrong, that it ceased to be a surprise by the end of the year. Movies that seemed purely engineered to be Oscar favorites didn’t quite work out. What looked...