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The stressful, terrifying game of Assassins

The stressful, terrifying game of Assassins

Aidan Trejo, Staff Writer

March 26, 2019

I live everyday in constant fear, afraid that it could very well be my last day. I cannot walk down the street or to school without looking over my shoulder every three seconds. Why did I pay $15 to feel like this?  It is that time of the year where seniors suit up for the most intense battl...

Shots fired during Assassins

Shots fired during Assassins

Alex Farley, Staff Writer

February 28, 2014

With 240 seniors, one person to organize them all, and  $2,400 involved, the annual Assassins game sparked unusual controversy this year. In the past, Cal High administrators expressed their disapproval and police involvement had been the two main negatives putting a damper on the game. But this...

Assassins returns to Cal with a pop

March 13, 2012

Tyler Hollander Staff Writer Lock your doors. Patrol your house. Watch your back. And above all else, wear a turtleneck, because your classmates are coming for your neck. Assassins is back. For the past month, hundreds of seniors go to obsessive extremes to get their targets out in the annual...

Cal overrun by hitmen

March 15, 2011

by Charlene Chew, staff writer Cal High’s seniors have been frantically reloading their Nerf guns with extra ammunition to accommodate the paranoia of being stalked that began early last month. This anxiety overwhelmed 200 seniors who have been trying to survive the popular tradition know...

A day in the life of an Assassin

March 15, 2011

by Brandon Eiges, sports editor As I walked out my door the morning of Feb. 7, I approached my car with caution. Looking left, right, up, down, and all-around, paranoia struck. I pulled the trigger on my Nerf gun and shot eight rounds of plastic bullets at a pine cone. This is the life of an assassin. ...