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The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

The Californian

The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

The Californian

AI is changing the way the world operates, and its future is still unknown.

It’s AI’s future and we’re all just living in it

Yining Xie, Staff Writer March 15, 2023

The future is becoming more unknown as technology and science continue to develop. Artificial intelligence, more commonly known as AI, is a type of technology that mimics human intelligence. AI has been...

Many Cal High students looking into careers in AI

Mansi Swaminathan, Staff Writer March 15, 2023

With the introduction of ChatGPT and many other artificial intelligence machines, the interest in studying AI and the demand for careers in this field has naturally increased. Many universities and high...

ChatGPT, write my direct exam

Abhinav Purohit, Video Production Editor March 15, 2023

Can artificial intelligence replace lawyers? As ChatGPT sparked fascination among many for its unprecedented capabilities, individuals are now wondering whether this new tool can replace careers across...

Many Cal High students intern with city departments at San Ramon City Hall.

City Hall is the place to be for Cal High interns

Tejas Mahesh, Staff Writer February 9, 2023

Through Cal High’s iQuest program, seniors are able to find a wide range of internship opportunities in fields ranging from medicine to merchandising. But San Ramon’s City Hall seems to attract the...

iQuest adviser Michelle Turner talks to some of the students in her unique class, which meets only once a week. The class focuses on finding internships for the students.

What really is iQuest?

Kian Kasad, Staff Writer February 9, 2023

Sitting in class for hours each day can feel like a waste of time for some students, especially those who know what field they want to pursue as a career. Thankfully, Cal High offers a solution to this...

Briana Farias, right, makes therapy putty with students during her internship at Cal High’s wellness center.

Seniors’ unique internships provide glimpses of future careers

Yining Xie, Staff Writer February 9, 2023

Finding an interesting and unique internship during the senior year is how many students get an early start on their careers. Some, such as senior Dylan Bretschneider, have gained much from Cal High’s...

Although California may not get snow, students find ways to enjoy the holidays with decorations and other traditions.

With no snow in San Ramon, students still try to make it feel like the holidays

Rohan Iyer, Staff Writer December 19, 2022

On Christmas day, the tree stands tall in the center of the room, gifts dotting the floor around it in an array of bright colors. Covered head to toe with bright lights and sparkling ornaments, the tree...

Staff writer Dallas Nowlin skating at the Kristi Yamaguchi Ice Rink in City Center. The rink is open unti1 Jan. 8.

Misadventures at the City Center ice rink

Dallas Nowlin, Staff Writer December 19, 2022

When I found out I could learn to ice skate again for The Californian, I was ecstatic. I’ve only skated a few times years ago, so this would be an amazing opportunity to relive my childhood and re-learn...

Starbucks Holiday launch features several festive cups. The holiday drinks are available until the middle of January.

Are Starbucks holiday drinks overrated?

Sia Lele, Staff Writer December 19, 2022

Every year when the holidays roll around, companies start spewing out Christmas-themed advertisements and products, even changing packaging to cater to the holiday frenzy of buying specialty items. Starbucks...

Cal High students are among the many Americans struggling to combat rising inflation.

Rising inflation is hitting Cal High students hard as well

Mansi Swaminathan, Staff Writer November 18, 2022

As inflation continues to eat away at many Californians’ wallets, it is clear the overall cost of living in the Golden State has caused stress to many. And it’s not just adults feeling the pinch....

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