Top 10 food to enjoy this summer

With spring hopping away and summer creeping closer and closer, this means two things: no more vile cafeteria slop for three months and pure food freedom.
But with all this new freedom you may be asking yourself, “What kind of grub is good for the summer?” Well worry no more with these top 10 summer foods.
The first snack seems like an obvious choice during the hot summer weather. Popsicles are essential when it comes to summer snacks.
The variety of flavors and shapes on top of the cool, refreshing taste of whatever popsicle you choose makes for the perfect refresher to beat the dry Bay Area heat. Popsicles should without a doubt be on your radar this summer.
Popsicles can be found at almost every grocery store and a lot of gas station snack shops. The quick treat is very accessible and inexpensive. Some good popsicle brands to look for are Pop Ice and Goodpop.
A healthy alternative to popsicles is the golden child of the blender, smoothies. Smoothies on a hot summer afternoon are what dreams are made of.
With the glowing feeling of drinking something nutritious to the unique taste of whatever fruit you could add, the refreshing taste makes smoothies a definite summer classic.
Smoothies can be homemade as a fun activity with some fresh fruit from a local farmers market or grocery store. With all the different combinations of fruits blended together with ice, smoothies can make any taste buds happy.
If making smoothies at home isn’t something that seems enjoyable, or you are in a time crunch, some great places to grab a quick refreshing smoothie are Jamba Juice or Juice Zone.
Corn on the cob
On the savory side of the spectrum, corn on the cob is a staple summer food. From the Fourth of July to a quick beach day, corn is a perfect snack for the summer.
Although it might sound corny, the rich, buttery and tasty corn could be your new favorite snack this summer.
Corn can be found and picked up anywhere from the farmers market to grocery stores.
The holy grail of summer food has to be a classic burger with American cheese on a soft brioche bun. The cheeseburger is an American classic, especially on major holidays such as the Fourth of July.
Whether it’s having a family barbecue or as a quick grab through a fast food restaurant, the classic cheeseburger is a staple food all year round but especially during the summer. With the authentic taste on a hot summer day and the nostalgia it can bring, cheeseburgers are a must eat quintessential summer munch.
Cheeseburgers can be grilled with family on many holidays, the ingredients can be found at any grocery store. If a quick food grab is a better option, cheeseburgers are available at almost every restaurant from high end restaurants to a local hole-in-the-wall.
As the burger has developed, there have been many accommodations whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, or allergies. Burgers can also be found almost everywhere, the classic American food accessible to almost all.
Hot dogs
Next up, the cheeseburgers’ longer, inbred cousin, the hot dog. Hot dogs and cheeseburgers are like mustard and ketchup, a match made in foodie heaven.
From the distinctive taste to the numerous condiments to help customize the snack to each distinguished taste, hot dogs are a fantastic option for a quick summer munch.
The customizable quick grab can be assembled straight off a grill during a holiday gathering such as Fourth of July, or purchased from many food stands at county fairs to shopping centers.
Hot dogs can also be made with ingredients bought at the grocery store. A quick grill of the bun and hot dog makes for a great summer munch.
Ice cream
After a big meal, a sweet treat is really refreshing. Ice cream is the perfect mix of a sweet and satisfying cold snack to fill that hole in the stomach.
Whether you get your ice cream straight from the store or from a drive through, ice cream is one of those treats that feel extra special in the summer. The cold dairy product comes in a variety of flavors and toppings to customize the dessert into the perfect treat during the summer.
Ice cream can commonly be found at places such as ice cream shops and most grocery stores for a discounted price. There are many alternatives to account for different allergies or texture requirements to make ice cream the perfect dessert for anyone.
Fruit salad
An alternative to ice cream could be the GOAT of side snacks for the summer. Fruit salad is one of the best foods ever.
With the mix of various fruits to the smooth taste of honey alongside (if that’s your kind of thing) makes for the perfect energizing refresher for summer. If you wanna get extra fancy, you can even add some Greek yogurt for some extra protein and taste.
All you need is fruit from your local garden or a farmers market and a dream to create one of the best summer foods to exist.
Summer salad
One of the best summer snacks has to be a fresh summer salad. A fresh summer salad is one of the most glowing foods to ever exist, and it makes you feel great afterwards.
A summer salad can be eaten anywhere from the beach to the park and it complements many other foods on this list. Salads add in the healthy feeling and can be a meal or just a small snack on the go.
A variety of salads can be found pre-made at many stores or restaurants, or they can be customized even more to each taste with different types of vegetables and sauces.
When push comes to shove, you can’t get much better than a good old taco. The best thing about a taco is that they can be eaten anytime and anywhere. But the taste of tacos during summer with a refreshing drink makes summer sound 100 times better.
Tacos can be found at Mexican restaurants or are homemade with different ingredients easily accessible at most grocery stores. These restaurants range from fancy high end Mexican restaurants or some fast food chain restaurants like Chipotle and Taco Bell.
Corn dogs
Last but certainly not least, corn dogs have to be highlighted on any summer food list. Picture this, you are at a county fair and start to get a little hungry. Then, out of nowhere you see a warm, breaded corn dog. You instantly try to buy it and it doesn’t disappoint.
Corn dogs are a great summer treat that can be found at grocery stores and some restaurants.
If all those summer snacks do not make you a little bit hungry, you might need to get your stomach checked.