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Purple tier is back again

Over the past two months, the number of COVID-19 cases has drastically increased in San Ramon, Danville and Alamo, the three cities part of the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.
Contra Costa County enters is second shelter-in-black order, pushing back the opening of school campuses
December 18, 2020

Not much has changed in nine months. All Bay Area counties once again entered a stay-at-home order on Friday, bringing students and staff back to square one, when the county first initiated on March...

Small businesses struggle to make ends meet as COVID-19 takes toll

Small business Orient Express has struggled financially throughout the pandemic
Cal students witness the effects of the pandemic on local stores
December 18, 2020

Every six weeks, sophomore Srinidhi Kanchi Krishnamachari pulls up in front of San Ramon Orthodontics for her routine appointment, finding herself in the solemn and sanitized office that has replaced the...

District divided on hybrid learning

This graphic, presented at the SRVUSD Board meeting, shows how many students changed their learning preferences for second semester.
Declaration results vary among schools, cities, and grade levels
December 18, 2020

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District requested last month that students declare if they intended to attend school in the second semester exclusively online or in a hybrid format. The results...

Remote learning raises concerns over cheating

Online learning has made it easier than ever for students to cheat on tests and quizzes.
Teachers adjust testing methods to maintain academic honesty
December 18, 2020

Remote learning may be the only opportunity for many students to continue their education at home, but the possibilities and different techniques it offers to students for cheating are endless. Cheating...

Remote learning affects arts and other hands-on classes

Cal High choir students performed virtually on Sunday at the Celebration of Christmas performance.
Student musicians, artists and interns struggle to get similar experience from online classes
December 18, 2020

Choir. Band. Ceramics. How do these hands-on classes work in an online format?  Classes such as English and math are arguably easier to transition to remote learning, but this is not the case for...

Students attempt to earn driver’s licenses during the pandemic

Lots of things have become tricky throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, including getting your driver's license! DMV customers must wait in a longer line because of social distancing guidelines, and appointments have to be made to attend.
In-person driving lessons and tests adopt new safety protocols
December 18, 2020

Sophomore Tasha Singh faced the DMV with a look of surprise.  The pandemic has completely changed the formerly crowded building. Caution tape separated the socially distanced individuals in the short...

High school sports start date gets pushed back even further

 Cal High’s football team and other sports were permitted to practice in small groups until the board  suspended these meetings this week. Because of new health guidelines, there will be no competitions until at least Jan. 25.
New health guidelines prohibit any competitions until at least Jan. 25
December 18, 2020

When sophomore water polo player Briana Farias heard that the upcoming season was being pushed back yet again, needless to say she was disappointed.  “This would be my first season playing water...

Reviewing the NBA’s shortest offseason ever

The NBA season is starting next week and there are many intriguing stories after the abbreviated offseason.
December 18, 2020

Many businesses have been going through some rough times during this pandemic, and the NBA is no exception. With the season set to begin on Dec. 22,  just two months after the pandemic bubble season...

NFL playoffs are nearly here

The 2020 NFL season has seen lots of top notch performers, with many players fighting for the elusive Most Valuable Player award. (From left to right): TJ Watt, Derrick Henry, and Russell Wilson.
Chiefs and Packers hold the top seeds with three weeks left in the regular season
December 18, 2020

Amidst a global pandemic, the National Football League rolls on. And while it has been difficult, they have managed to nearly finish the season and make it to the playoffs. New to this year, seven teams...

The world’s response to COVID-19 has mixed results

Cars have lined up across the US for people to get tested for COVID-19.
China's response has fared well, while the US and Brazil have struggle to control spread
December 18, 2020

News first broke of a “pneumonia of unknown cause” on Dec. 31, 2019, when a small media outlet from Wuhan, China, issued a statement on this new virus, alerting the World Health Organization and the...

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