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Band director takes his final bow

Band director Kent Johnson has taught at Cal High for the past 15 years.

Siddhant Gupta, Managing Editor

May 2, 2019

 leading Cal High’s music program to regional dominance, marching band and music instructor Kent Johnson will be departing next month. Johnson said the move is the result of his spouse’s company relocating to Scottsdale, Ariz. “The company ended their lease early in San Francisco which f...

Beloved teachers leave the Grizzly den

Beloved teachers leave the Grizzly den

Carly Re, Staff Writer

May 21, 2014

As the school year comes to an end and summer break approaches, seniors graduate and move on from high school, as do some of our teachers. This year, Cal’s retiring teachers include Steve Armstrong, Richard Hight, Lucerne Mottaz, and Cheri Ng. Each has made many memories at the school throughout...