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The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

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The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

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An counselor consoles a student who is letting out their frustration over the college admission process with their fists.

How are seniors coping with college decisions?

Jordan Vereen, Staff Writer March 28, 2024

As we exit March, we are probably looking back on the many happenings of the month: St. Patrick’s Day, Irish-American History Month, the beginning of the competitive season for the Gaelic Athletic Association...

Senior Shivani Phadnis sits atop her partner senior Sarah Flores’ shoulders while waving her flag in defeat.

Harrowing assassins stories from Californian staffers

March 28, 2024

Vishwas Balla, sports editor: At Cal High, a war is waged every second semester. Friends become enemies. Money corrupts all. This is assassins season. The senior game was originally planned to last...

Students gather in celebration of Valentine’s Day, satisfied as The Californian’s enlightening wisdom reignites their love lives in time for the holiday.

Valentine’s Day advice for desperate students

Melissa Nguyen, Staff Writer February 14, 2024

Welcome to The Californian’s Valentine’s Day edition advice column. As a people person and dating expert, I can confidently say that I am perfectly qualified to be your personal dating therapist for...

After his entire class has skipped, the teacher is the only one remaining, too tired to care.

Teachers combat senioritis without mercy

Zaki Humayun and Ben Barba Zuniga February 14, 2024

The dreaded walls of high school tire even the most diligent and intelligent students at some point in their final year. And that moment of carelessness is when it strikes – senioritis is here. A monstrous...

A typical high school procrastinator finds themself slumped over as the dread and agony of a mountain of impending school work begins to take its toll.

How to procrastinate effectively as a student

Suhas Chalasani, Staff Writer December 15, 2023

If there is one thing that all high schoolers are good at, it is the ability to procrastinate and pray for good grades. Forget about playing Division 1 in football. Become a D-1 procrastinator and put...

A grand assortment of seasonal holiday treats are displayed next to each other in Target.

Here’s the best holiday treats to enjoy this winter

Riya Reddy, Staff Writer December 15, 2023

There are so many holiday treats that only come out this time of year that I crave all year round, but of course only some are actually worth the wait. Walking past the candy section at Target never felt...

A hyped Christmas fan excited for their favorite holiday stands right next to a depressed person who’s already sick of the Christmas cheer.

All I want for Thanksgiving is Christmas?

Riya Reddy, Staff Writer November 9, 2023

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to stream Christmas songs for the next two months! Sorry Thanksgiving, and any other holidays between Halloween and Christmas, but I’ve been waiting for this...

All of the criminal pumpkin spice goods plaguing the food industry in the fall and winter seasons line up for their mugshots.

It’s time for pumpkin spice to lose its heat

Melissa Nguyen, Staff Writer November 9, 2023

“Is pumpkin spice overrated?” This is the question that comes up every fall as the leaves start to change color and the weather gets cooler. The season of flannels, pumpkins, cinnamon apple treats,...

An average Cal High classroom’s dead scanner and broken AC unit leaves students struggling to survive, with some already left dead and bone-dry.

Reliable equipment is a distant dream

Zaki Humayun, News Lite Editor October 5, 2023

If there’s one thing students can always rely on at this school, it’s that the equipment will never work as intended. As a senior who’s seen almost everything go wrong in a classroom, I can promise...

Campus monitor Chris Torrey stands with his arms crossed in the back lot, on the lookout for students who don’t belong.

The King of the back parking lot reigns supreme

Sabrina Jackson Kimball, Staff Writer October 5, 2023

“GO AWAY!” These are the words students fear when entering Cal High’s back parking lot. Why? Because they fear the wrath of the menacing Christopher Torrey, one of the many campus supervisors tasked...

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