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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream this upcoming summer break

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream this upcoming summer break

Sabrina Contreras, Co Managing Editor

May 29, 2019

As summer approaches, the only thing that can save us from the scorching sun is ice cream. Lucky for you, I’ve taken my precious time to go ice cream tasting, trying to find the best ice cream around. Being a professional ice cream taster can be exhausting, but someone has to do it, so I stepped...

Global Studies works with juvenile hall

From left to right, sophomores Emily Meyer, Sam Gilstrap, Katrina Town, and Carina Plechaty design posters to share with incarcerated juveniles as part of teachers Hannah Cheng and Regina Lyon's global studies class.

Sabrina Contreras, Co Managing Editor

May 2, 2019

Imagine getting the chance to collaborate with students who are behind bars. That’s exactly what sophomores are doing in their global studies class. Students are in the midst of a unique projectinvolving a school of incarcerated students with one essential question in mind: How can we empower ourselves...

There is hope for Venezuela

Sabrina Contreras, Co Managing Editor

April 30, 2019

  Beautiful beaches, mountains that are full of life, warm bread with coffee, cheese on everything, intense card games, awfully translated TV shows, and the sweetest mangoes. If I told a stranger that these were the things that represent Venezuela to me, they would either think I’m crazy or they...

Celebrating Black History

Rosa Parks - 1955
Refused to give up her seat in an all-white section of the bus.

Sabrina Conterras and Ceci Musgrove, Staff Writers

February 12, 2019

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” Black History Month is the time to bring to light what so many people have tried to pull down into darkness. It’s a month that is dedicated to learning and spreading insight regarding ...

After the Fire

The Golden Gate Bridge was hidden in smoke last month as a result of the Camp Fire in Butte County. At its worst, the Air Quality Index exceeded 200, which is considered very unhealthy. An AQI below 50 is considered healthy. For a few weeks, the Bay Area had some of the worst air quality in the world.

Sabrina Contreras, Co Managing Editor

December 18, 2018

The smoke-filled skies in San Ramon last month reflected a tragedy of the Butte County  Camp Fire.  More than 153,000 acres of land was destroyed, 85 people lost their lives and nearly 14,000 structures were destroyed, making this fire the deadliest and most destructive fire in Californi...

Ultimate guide to being a bystander

Ultimate guide to being a bystander

Sabrina Contreras, Co Managing Editor

October 16, 2018

Fights are a tradition at Cal High that have brought many students together, both physically and emotionally.  When a fight breaks out, everyone puts their differences aside to experience the breathtaking spectacle. Not to mention unearthing the details of the fight afterward.  Whether i...

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