The crown jewels of Cal’s campus

Senior editors reflect on must-see landmarks around the school


Ben Olson

At the end of the first floor of the main building, Troy Bristol’s history classroom acts as a prime hangout spot for students.

During our 2.5 years of in-person high school experience on Cal High’s campus, we’ve found some true gems of this school that students need to be made aware of if they haven’t discovered them already. Let’s take a moment to explore these areas a bit further.

  • The music room bathroom 

We all know that Cal’s bathroom quality is… questionable at best. But those who have never been in the music room bathroom are missing out. The three amazingly clean stalls are perfect for avoiding the vapers and relieving yourself in a private manner. The mirrors in there are foggy enough that you can’t even make out your own reflection, but when the toilet cleanliness is that top tier, you can forgive the smaller flaws.

  • Fine arts elevator
    Elevators on campus are a secret privilege that everyone is jealous of. Students are stuck walking up three flights of stairs as a select few of them get to cruise up in an elevator. But the fine arts elevator is the only one that does not require a key, making this secret privilege open for everyone to enjoy (even though you aren’t technically supposed to use it). 

As someone who has been injured and has had access to all the elevators on campus, I can safely say that the Fine Arts elevator is the best one yet. It’s roomy and doesn’t smell, which can’t be said for the others. Maybe it has broken down a few times, but that adds to the excitement of using it! So if you aren’t deathly afraid of getting stuck in an elevator, make sure to try this one out once you get back on campus.

  • The cat on campus
    Imagine eating your lunch on the second floor of the science building. It’s been a rough day. You just failed your bio test and you can’t seem to get your mind off of it when from the corner of your eye, you see something black and furry zoom by. You shake your head. You must be seeing things now. But then you see it again, and much more clearly. 

This black flurry thing is Cal High’s own stray campus cat. Whether he belongs to someone and is just looking for an adventure by Cal’s dumpsters, or if he lives off the scraps I’m sure many students feed it, we will never know. But if you haven’t met this wonderful cat, make sure to keep your eye out for him if you’ll be back on campus. 

  • Mr. King’s classroom
    If you’ve ever walked along the third floor in the main building, chances are, you’ve seen a classroom with dim lighting and strands of fairy lights strung on the ceiling. That room belongs to Mr. King, who teaches English 11 and AP English Language. 

While it definitely sets the right mood for reading books and getting into heavy discussions, it would be a lie if we were to say we have never fallen asleep in that class. But we blame it on the lighting system. If you want the best nap experience, you can go to the back and take advantage of the beanbag chair.

  • Mr. Bristol’s classroom

If, on any occasion, you’ve been in room 121 in the main building, you’ve witnessed the glory of one of the closest things to a teacher’s lounge, but for students. Prior to COVID-19, the classroom was constantly buzzing with students chatting amongst themselves or with APUSH teacher Troy Bristol. Throughout the years, Bristol’s room filled up with sofas and reclining chairs donated by students to cozy up the space. Out of many of the great classrooms students’ have been in over the years, Bristol’s room definitely remains one of the most memorable.

  • The cafeteria water fountain
    The water fountains found throughout campus are mediocre at best. The water is a tad bit cooler than room temperature, but you can never escape that metallic after-taste. But upon entering the cafeteria, in the back left corner there is a big blue water fountain where you can refill water bottles. It’s so satisfying to watch the number of plastic water bottles you’re saving go up as you fill up your water, and the water itself is nice and cold with absolutely no metallic after-taste.