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Teachers adjust to online school

JP Singh has taught his Honors Precalculus, Accelerated Algebra II, and AP Calculus BC classes from his living room since Cal High resorted to remote teaching in mid-March.
Cal High staff are working to resolve issues raised by virtual classes
September 30, 2020

As Cal High’s student body and staff returned to an irregular start of the school year, a consensus formed among the teachers and most agree on one point: online school can be a real pain.  There...

Teachers strike averted

Teachers march in front of the school to communicate their hopes for improving Cal.
For the second year in a row, the teachers union and district reach an agreement that helps lower class sizes, addresses school nurse and psychologist ratios
March 28, 2020

The San Ramon Valley Education Association ratified a tentative agreement with the school district last week that helped prevent a teachers strike for the second straight year. Nearly 99 percent  of...

Patton sings good-bye to Cal High

Choir teacher Nicholas Patton raises his hands and rouses his class to attention. Patton has directed Cal High’s concert, treble and chamber choirs for the past five years, but he is leaving the school this week due to personal reasons.
May 29, 2019

After five phenomenal years of a thriving choral department, choir director Nicholas Patton is leaving Cal High this week because of personal reasons. Patton’s sudden announcement of his departure...

Prodoehl is more than a teacher

May 28, 2019

Former EMT, part time professional fisherman, and current Cal High teacher Danny Prodoehl has done it all.  Prodoehl has been a biology teacher at Cal for three years now, but his time before Cal...

Wheeler voted best teacher at Cal High

Wheeler voted best teacher at Cal High
World history, AP government teacher’s love for her job and students helps make her great
April 27, 2015

Throughout their high school careers, Cal High students have been affected by many things: seagulls, excessively heavy books, and most importantly, teachers. Of course, every teacher is different. But...

Teacher returns from military mission

Teacher returns from military mission
March 10, 2015

Cal High special education teacher Ryan Kral recently returned to campus after spending the last year deployed on a military mission in  Afghanistan. Kral, a captain in the Army, was deployed from...

Math teacher takes on men’s basketball

Math teacher takes on men’s basketball
January 30, 2015

On a normal day in Anthony Khoo’s math class, he seems like any other teacher. Students can find him teaching Algebra concepts like factoring and solving for x. But what people may not know is...

Teacher tenure removed after California ruling

November 21, 2014

The seemingly secure positions of educators in California has been jeopardized with the recent court case Vergara v. California.  The case began in 2012 when nine public school students challenged...

Beloved teachers leave the Grizzly den

Beloved teachers leave the Grizzly den
May 21, 2014

As the school year comes to an end and summer break approaches, seniors graduate and move on from high school, as do some of our teachers. This year, Cal’s retiring teachers include Steve Armstrong,...

Parent teacher conflicts cause tension

Parent teacher conflicts cause tension
January 16, 2014

In recent years, many Cal High teachers have been among those in the district to express their concerns regarding parents who anonymously file complaints about them to administrators, potentially jeopardizing...

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