Dancing in the dark

by Tyler Hollander, staff writer

In the minds of most Cal High students, the Back to School Dance was one just one warning away from being sent to bed with no refunds.

The place to be on Aug. 26 was the Back to School Dance, which was widely thought to be the best back to school dance ever thrown at Cal. To the students’ dismay, this happenin’ event was crashed by many adult “parent figures,” who had to sort out the naughty young children dancing.

Many students were surprised to find their entrance to the sacred area known as the gym blocked by administration carrying breathalyzers to ensure the sanctity of the dance.

“I’m surprised that people would violate such an innocent and clean dance with profane actions and dancing,” said senior Shannon Villanueva.

Since Cal students attempt to violate the innocence that is associated with school dances, administrators were out in full force to show that they meant business on the first school dance of the year.

To ensure purity and proper behavior, administrators stood on the outskirts of the dance, plunging into the throngs of dancing teens whenever a problem arose. Those who were the problem were put in the dreaded timeout room.

“Timeout was thought to be a joke, but after a little while, people took it more seriously,” said junior Jordan Lubarsky.

The timeout room was a dark, desolate room, full of wrongful students with their dates. Every student thought about his or her actions and chose not to dance so shamefully ever again.

Yes, the timeout room was a raging success.

“In the timeout room we had long discussions about respecting our bodies and each other,” said teacher Anja Klein, who supervised the timeout room. “There was tears and some laughter, but I feel we were better people after.”

As the night progressed and the naughty dancers were removed from the premises, the dance got much cleaner, and the remaining dancers felt comforted in the fact that they were being watched like bugs under a microscope.

“When I came out of the time-out room, I was a changed person,” said junior Shayda Haddad. “I will never dance dirty again.”

Administrators have once again made a change that pleases everyone. The  dance was a joyous event in which no one was dissatisfied, and the entire school is looking forward to future dances.