Girls continue unprecedented record run

By: Christina Calderon

Staff Writer

Cal High has a history of winning championship titles, so it comes as no surprise that the women’s track team went undefeated four years in a row in league.

Unfortunately, this past season the women’s team didn’t place first in the championship round but they had a great season overall. This is the only damper on an amazing four year, three championship, and 28-0 run.

Athletic Director Dave Kravitz is proud of this outcome of this season and remains optimistic for the next.

“You get knocked down, you get back up, and you don’t take no for an answer,” said Dave.

Coach Mark Karbo, track coach of 18 years, says 2009-2011 is the first time women’s track went undefeated in championships for three consecutive years since he’s been coaching at Cal.

“I’m fortunate to have a great staff of assistant coaches who do a fantastic job of coaching the athletes on the team,” said Mark.

Throughout the past few years, Cal has had many exceptional runners who have played a large part in winning EBAL and qualifying for NCS and state meets. One of the newest top runners is sophomore Madison Ricks. Ricks runs in the 400 meter, 800 meter, and the 1600 meter races. She holds a spot on various track record boards at Cal, has made it to NCS, and competed in the state meet.

This year, Ricks had a terrific season and placed first overall in the 800 meter at the NCS meet.

“I like the competition and the camaraderie with my teammates,” said Ricks.

Ricks was accompanied by teammate senior Tori Edwards in the NCS meet and the two, as well as Noel Frazier, had a great time at the state meet.

Edwards has been on the school’s track team for four years and has qualified and competed in the NCS meets for all four of them. Recently, she has been ranked 12th in the state for her events. Throughout the past four years, Edwards has seen herself progress tremendously.

“I’ve changed by having more perseverance and pushing through obstacles that I thought I could never accomplish,” said Edwards.

Edwards isn’t the only one who has noticed significant progress in the individual and overall performance of the women’s track team. Mark has also witnessed athletes growing and improving, and bases his coaching methods off of them.

“It’s always gratifying to see the athletes you work with improve over the course of the season,” said Mark. “That is how you plan your training, so that they are performing their best at the end of the year.”

Overall, women’s track had a fantastic season and even though it didn’t end with a first place in EBAL, the team is getting ready for the next season.

“Once the season is over, the focus is on getting ready for the next season and trying to work towards another league championship,” said Mark.