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The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

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The Official Student-Run Newspaper of California High School

The Californian

Senior Issue 2022

June 1, 2022

From COVID-19 tests to masks the a Fleetwood Mac CD, seniors have added a variety of items to their time capsule.

What will you remember in 10 years?

What would you put in a time capsule to help you remember high school 10 years from now? Well, The Californian seniors asked themselves that question and came up with some items to  actually put in...

Plagued by fires, bomb threats, a global pandemic, and general high school mayhem, the Class of 2022’s high school experience has been unlike any other. With the year drawing to a close, the Class of 2022 finally gets a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel that has been the chaos these past four years.

The Class of 2022 reflects on four year of surreal insanity

Shiphrah Moses, Sydney Cicchitto, and Evan Heinz June 1, 2022

As the final days of senior year tick down, now is a good time to reflect upon our time at Cal High and the way our lives have shifted in just a few short, or at time long, years.  What better place...

Douglas Mason talks to students dissecting a squid in the third period marine biology class. He is retiring after teaching at Cal High for 22 years.

Many teachers say goodbye to Cal High

Nicholas Harvey, Editor-in-Chief June 1, 2022

Cal High will say goodbye to several teachers this year. Among the list of those retiring or not returning include English teachers Kalise Ahern,  Danielle Caddy and Devan Manning, world history and...

With their graduation caps nearly in the air, some seniors have some words of wisdom for future Grizzlies.

Dear underclassmen, here’s some good advice

Some of The Californian seniors have a few insights about their high school experience. Here are their words of wisdom. I’m going to be honest with you. If I were an underclassmen listening to a senior...

College-bound athletes include (back row, left to right) David Ferreira, Dom Tuyor, Zachary Robman, Steven Verespey, Cole Trejo, Ben Ragland, Nicolas Bronzini, Dylan Fanelli, Alekai Afoa, Raoul Fabian, Rhandy Weston, Hunter Holmes, Josh Peralta, Matt Hanson, Nikolai Petrov, Marcus Lemmon, (front row, left to right) Hannah Richardson, Skyler Horder, Madison Chavez, Jake Barnes, and Ella Hofer. Not pictured are Jenny Lin, Lucas Macray Madruga, Lucas Marlowe, Mara Lampsas, and Nicky McCune.

Top Grizzly athletes playing in college

Tanner Curtis and Michael Zarich June 1, 2022

There are several Cal High seniors who are continuing their athletic careers next year in college. All names were provided by the school athletic department. Nicolas Bronzini Bronzini is committed...

Senior committed athletes, front row from left to right, Blake Hazelton, Nikki Trucco, Lexi Trucco, Connor Lawrence, and Josh Giffins; second row: Brody Steinhart, JP Guimareas, Dylan Lisle, Daniella Hawkins, Lainey Hanehan, and Alexis Burt; third row: Mark Balleza, Karl Lovett, Alex Zhu, Sydney Hammill, Amanda Robman, and Sydney Frankenberger.

Grizzly athletes leave the den

Ben Rettig and Cameron McKeon, Sports Writers May 29, 2019

Cal High has 17 student-athletes who distinguished themselves to such an extent these past four years that they’ll be playing their respective sports next year at the collegiate level. Daniella Hawkins After...

Our education system breeds ignorance

Our education system breeds ignorance

Sam Campopiano, Assistant News Editor May 29, 2019

The days of education and the formation of a well-rounded individual are long gone and have been replaced by a formal schooling factory model of education.   A well rounded individual who received...

Seven seniors are joining the military after graduation including, from left to right, Samantha D’Arpino, Cole Waskey, Aidan Otero, and Luke Nye. Not pictured are Luca Dickten, Josh Ferrer and Ezekiel Nunez.

Some students choose military after graduation

Luca Dickten, Opinions Editor May 29, 2019

With the school year drawing to a close, the majority of seniors look forward to joining thousands of other bright-eyed freshmen at our nation’s countless universities.  But some seniors feel...

Colleges place too much importance on SAT scores

Maddy Klessel, Staff Writer May 29, 2019

Colleges need to start looking beyond a one-time standardized test taken within four hours to determine who gets accepted to their schools. The SAT and ACT are over analyzed by colleges in order to make...

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