Longboarder slides into business

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Longboarder slides into business

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Sophomore David Law was looking to buy a longboard last winter, but when he saw how expensive they were he realized it would be much cheaper to make one himself.

So that’s exactly what he did.

Law began designing and hand-crafting custom  longboards last December when he started his own company called West Coast Longboards.

A longboard is similar to a skateboard, but it is about 1-1/2 times longer, just as the name suggests.

“I really wanted a longboard, so I went on the Internet and saw that they were really expensive” said Law.  “ I made one for myself and really enjoyed making them. I also like making money.”

Like many longboarders, Law started out skateboarding but soon realized he couldn’t pull off some of the tricks.

Since that’s one of the main reasons students get into skateboarding, Law switched quickly to longboarding because he still likes the thrill of riding as a way to get around town and have fun.

What makes Law’s longboards special is that he takes his time to craft each deck by hand with the wood he buys at Home Depot.

Depending on the style of the board and the types of trucks and wheels, West Coast Longboards cost anywhere from $30-$100.  A commercial longboard costs anywhere from $100-$200, and a high end long board costs around $300.

The grip tape, trucks and wheels are purchased online.

To make the longboards, Law starts off with the plywood, then cuts the shape into the board and adds a clear coat of polyurthane.

Sometimes he will soak the board in water for a few hours then bend the wood to get the shape he wants.  After that he adds the polyurthane and then he attaches the trucks and wheels.

The entire process takes about two to three days.

Law said his parents, Mary and Michael, are fully supportive of his business because they believe it’s a great way for him to make money.

“Its really awesome. David is using so many of his talents in this venture: artistic skills, design skills, carpentry and of course his passion for longboarding,” said Laws parents.

His friends agree.

“I think it’s a very ambitious idea, and I hope it goes well,” said sophomore Tyler Torgersen.

Some of his friends know a lot about what Law’s business venture.

Sophomore Vincent White planned to buy a longboard that Law was going to make specifically for him.

“I didn’t buy one, but I wanted to for my brother’s birthday,” said White.

Although White didn’t buy one, Law said he has sold two longboards so far. But he thinks he’ll begin to sell more once he gets the word out that students can buy custom-made longboards at a cheaper price.

“I don’t know that much about it, just that he makes them” said sophomore Brennen Diehl.

Law said he now enjoys longboards more than skateboards because they are more fun and easier to ride. Plus, he never learned how to olly.

Anyone who would like to purchase a custom longboard, contact Law anytime on his company’s Facebook page.