Strange Map Sightings

Wynne Zhang, Graphics Edior

From crop circles to buffalo herds to people with fake pigeon heads on in Japan- it can all be discovered with the all-seeing and mighty Google Maps.

People use Google Maps for navigation, but also to look through ghost towns, take  virtual vacations to the Maldives, or stalk their friends’ houses.

Through Google Maps, Google provides satellite images of the whole entire world. And through its special “street view cars,” which is a car with a camera on a pole stuck on top of it, Google is able to capture all.

The Google street view car travels almost everywhere which means anyone that lives nearby to one of the car’s current locations could walk out of their house in their boxers and, if lucky, be greeted with a panorama picture by the car.

A lot of stuff is captured unintentionally though, and sometimes avoiding the car would be a better idea.

In downtown San Francisco, a guy is caught red-handed, climbing over the fence of a house and breaking in.  Little does he know, the whole world now knows of his crime.

If looking for a human-sized cooked chicken sitting in the middle of what looks like a park, be sure to check out Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

And if naked men climbing out of car trunks is considered attractive, try looking around in Germany.

Other than the normal weird stuff, some extraordinarily creepy things can be found through Google Maps too.

In Chile, a picture was captured of a dumpster full of what looks like mummified bodies. Maybe they’re mannequins? Or real bodies? We’ll never know.

And just when it couldn’t get better, people walking around in scream masks just seem to be springing up everywhere on the maps.

Google also assures us we live in safe communities by capturing pictures of a gang members pointing guns at the street view car, which seemed to have invaded their turf.

The street view car also catches some pretty embarrassing shots, from super awkward public displays of affection, that are thankfully censored by Google, to naked dudes in Winnipeg mooning the world.

Some middle-aged guy in France has also sued Google for the Google Street View images of him relieving himself in his front yard- which are, thank God, censored as well.

Some people even plan for the car to drive by so they could do something to leave their mark on Google Maps.

By stalking the car through the Google website and finding its location, two Norwegian guys dressed up as scuba divers chased the street view car around with pitchforks as a joke.

Next thing we know we’ll have “Google House View.” Imagine how many strange and fantastic things one could find in another’s house!

But before that comes, if you ever see a camera on a pole attached to a car, pose!