Modern feminism is here to stay for good

Staff Editorial

Amidst the haze of social media, where ideas are fleeting and movements are unfinished, it is rare for our generation to fight for change. And not just for the length it takes to favor a post, but for an actual measurable amount of time that can result in real change.

Thankfully, this fourth wave of feminism has managed to break the stigma of half-hearted large-scale change through social media by gaining solid ground in the last place expected: pop culture.

Cultural juggernauts such as Beyonce, Emma Watson and Lena Dunham have identified themselves as feminists, making it almost *gasp* cool.

In her Sept. 20 UN speech advocating for a more inclusive feminism and her organization HeForShe, Watson called for greater understanding about what it means to be feminist.  She argued that it’s a gender-neutral term.

Who’s more representative of our generation than Watson?

We saw her grow up in the “Harry Potter” movie franchise. She is everybody’s Woman Crush Wednesday. And, she recently graduated from college. No one epitomizes us more than her.

So does that mean she could be the key to solidifying feminism as a popular idea?

We don’t know. Feminism may never be a popular idea. Our descendants may never say, “Can you believe half the population was treated as lesser?”

But we can say this new wave of feminism is more progressive than any other, not just because pop culture figures are getting into it, but also because it’s completely inclusive and equal.

So, stamp out the bonfires and put the bras back on, because we aren’t looking at radical feminism this time around.

In fact, modern feminists are also fighting the stigma surrounding “feminazis,” a term used to inappropriately describe radical feminists, because it’s not true to the actual definition of feminism.

Like Watson said in her HeforShe speech, feminists are not man-haters. We might add that they don’t look to be superior to men either.

So maybe this generation of feminism, relaxed, inclusive, and on the verge of popularity, will equalize genders once and for all.

Maybe, if we can get on board, and more importantly, stay on board, feminism might become something we can all accept and appreciate.