Community college a more viable option

Staff Editorial

Seniors are officially being inundated with the same question from peers, teachers, dentists, crossing guards, and garbage men: What college are you going to?

Many students can be seen wearing the answer proudly on the chest of their brand new collegiate sweatshirt. There is a significant portion of the Class of 2015 that certainly don’t have this approach toward where they are going to college, mostly because Diablo Valley College does not offer sweatshirts.

Yes, once again, students can see the look of shame and embarrassment fall upon their friends’ faces as they inform all inquirers that they will be attending community college in the fall.

But The Californian fails to see why so many have this attitude toward a two-year education, and apparently, so does President Barack Obama.

President Obama announced  on Jan. 7 that he is working toward a program to provide free community college for anybody who is “willing to work for it.”

So now this option for students seems more reasonable than ever, but it doesn’t seem like the fine people of San Ramon will rush out to take advantage of this new opporunity.

It’s time to finally see community college as the great option it is: an affordable, feasible, and highly-regarded option for many students.

It may come as a shock to most students, but going to a UC or CSU school might not be the best choice for them. Based on the rising costs of public, four-year universities, it seems to make financial sense for most students to be going to a two-year college anyway.

Students are not trading a successful career for affordability by doing this. According to the Foundation for California Community Colleges, two-year institutions educate 80 percent of California’s firefighters and police officers, and about 70 percent of its nurses.

These three highly regarded careers help show that a large portion of community college graduates can either go on to high-earning jobs, or transfer to a four-year university.

Community colleges are not a place for bright students to go and become uncompetitive in today’s job market. Now more than ever it is an amazing option for seniors to consider.