Closed campus produces distress among students


Let’s admit it, closed campus sucked this year. The class of 2015 waited four years for the privilege of going off campus for lunch.

Looking forward to senior year meant getting the special privilege of leaving campus during lunch that all the underclassmen envied.

But this year, with the new admin unwilling to budge with the new closed campus policy, seniors had to sit uncomfortably with underclassmen throughout the course of this year.

Also, with the “no eating in the main building” rule, seniors are left to find somewhere else to eat and hang out.

The unfairness of closing the campus has totally screwed over the seniors.

Seniors have dreamed of the freedom of leaving for lunch since freshmen year, and taking that away is just plain mean.

Going to Chipotle, Taco Bell, The Habit, McDonald’s, Burger King, Panda Express, and  In-N-Out, all of this was taken away from this class in an instant.

It is also not feasible to fit a large student population of more than 2,400 students in one lunch period all outside. In case admin has not noticed, there are a lot of problems.

Everyone is so crowded and cannot relax at lunch. Plus there is litter everywhere with so many students eating at once.

The inconvenience of having everyone being crammed during a half an hour lunch is that some don’t even get to eat. The lines to buy food are too long and lunch is just too short.

Students have protested against this policy, but nothing has been done to compromise for this.

The end of the class of 2015’s time at Cal High is coming soon, and although students are constantly being told of having a voice on campus, it seems like they are not being heard or simply ignored.

If the majority of students seem to favor having an open campus then admin should let it be done. Or to compromise, there should be better food on campus.

But no action has been taken.

Student safety was the reason that was given for the change to closed campus starting with the class of 2015, but Cal has been an open campus for many years before so it has worked.

Seniors just want the same traditional privileges as classes before, but an open campus was taken away from us.

The sudden change in policy has really been unfair to the class of 2015 because seniors have followed the rules all four years and haven’t done anything wrong.

Discontent with closed campus will never die down because there will always be students who want to voice out their opinions. May the underclassmen speak up and not have their privileges taken away from them like the class of 2015 did