Goodbye, Cal High (Pt. 1)

Adam Jackson and Gabby Silva

As we roll into June, the seniors begin to say their final goodbyes to Cal High.

It’s bittersweet. There are so many things to look forward to, especially graduation and the world beyond high school.

But there is also a lot to miss about the school that raised us.

What we’ll miss the most about Cal is the connectivity students feel with many of the teachers on campus.

The teachers at Cal make an effort to reach out and speak with their students. They care about their grades as if they were their own.

We’ve had multiple incidents where a teacher either talked to us about ways to bring up our grades or praised us for keeping our grades up.

Many teachers at Cal have created a comfortable learning environment and treated their students with a good level of friendship and authority that we’ll miss.

We won’t be able to get that kind of connection in most college classrooms.

The kindness and dedication of so many students at Cal is something we’re sorry to say goodbye to.

As we say farewell to the spirit of Cal, we bid adieu to the many spirit weeks in which we’ve had fun participating through the years.

Cal has also always been big on spirit, and we’ll miss that.

Dressing up in college won’t be as common as it was on Cal. It was always fun and exciting picking out an outfit for spirit weeks, and walking around campus seeing everyone else dressed in crazy gear.

The spirit days and spirit weeks were a fun and creative way to bring everyone on campus together so we could feel the kind of support we should all feel on our school’s campus.

We were happy that we could become friends with such amazing people.

When it hit us that we wouldn’t see most of our friends for quite a long time, we cried. We’re not even joking.

A lot of people at Cal talk about being “done with school” and other similar phrases, but we’ll miss this school.

We’ll miss the memories we made here.

We’re comfortable here, and that’s important to us.

The people at this school made us feel welcome, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.

We love you, and we’ll miss you all.



Adam and Gabby


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