Student economy intact after homecoming

Staff Editorial

There comes a time in a man’s life when he must ask  himself certain questions, one of such being: “Is it OK that I paid more for my tie then I did for my homecoming tickets this year?”

The answer is obviously, no, but that’s not the tickets fault. It’s the fault of a not-so savvy tie shopper.

 Unlike the undapper tie enthusiast, cheap homecoming tickets should be celebrated with almost as much fanfare and joviality that we put into our football games.

 After many years of the expensive homecoming tickets whose price increases from week to week like the world’s absolute worst countdown clock, The Californian staff was pleasantly surprised to see the flat and reasonable ticket prices this year.  

Homecoming is a high school rite of passage in both good and bad ways. Every student deserves to go through it. 

Financial burden should not be a factor in students having the best (or worst) night of their young lives. 

Kudos to Leadership for putting on a marquee event that all students could afford to attend. 

Ten bucks is the optimal price to pay to be left in the friend zone or find out that body odor is a real silent killer.

In all seriousness, by making an event like homecoming cheaper allows more students to be able to attend and helps further create a campus where participation at dances and other activities is encouraged.

With cheaper tickets there is almost no reason for students not to attend. No longer is price a limiting factor on student participation. 

Now if  Leadership could only find everybody dates.

But to those of us lucky enough to have a date, it has never been more inexpensive. Sushi is more expensive than taking a date homecoming. That is awesome.

Homecomings are already way more expensive than they should be with students going all out on asks and dance attire.

 Making the dance itself less expensive makes all the other fanfare, as cute as it may be, a little ridiculous. Save it for prom and ball, you crazy kids.

There is no way of knowing for sure how Leadership could have pulled off such a feat as a cheap homecoming tickets, but let us not dwell on details and just be grateful for what we have been given.

After all, grinding on someone you kind of know, in a dark, sweaty room shouldn’t cost more than $15.