Will Donald Trump make a good president?

Will Donald Trump make a good president?

Illustration by Mandeep Matharu

Kiley Borba and Michael Bahk


-Michael Bahk, Staff Writer

I will be speaking about the positives of Donald Trump’s presidency, not his personality. America needs to remember that there is a difference. 

Being president is a job. The role of the president is first and foremost to regulate the on goings of our nation and endure its stability within itself and its relations to other nations.

It was the presidency of Barack Obama that opened my eyes as to what our nation needs. 

America doesn’t need a smooth talker who gives elaborate speeches then does little to back it up. America needs someone who is going to do something, no matter the consequences.

The only qualities that matter in a president are that they have knowledge and a plan. Though some of his ideas may seem quite radical, Trump has a specific plan for his presidency.

Trump is much more qualified for president than Obama ever was. He doesn’t care what the world thinks. He is going to do what he has to do in order to help this nation grow.

His business experience will certainly help him deal with foreign relations and the nation’s economy very similarly to the way he has dealt with his own company. 

One of the most interesting aspects of Trump is that he is not entirely a right wing conservative. His economic views echo that of left wing politicians. Both the Republican and the Democratic parties have mixed views on him. He seems to be standing in between.

This is why Trump is going to succeed. He is what America desperately needs, a president that stands between the two sides of the nation to unify them together.

Trump’s first action is repealing Obama’s health care, which will, “broaden healthcare access, make healthcare more affordable, and improve the quality of the care available to all Americans,” according to donaldjtrump.com.

Trump has promised to repeal numerous job-killing government regulations and laws, such as the restriction on shale energy and clean coal, in order to create millions of jobs.

Trump is a successful businessman, so he understands how the job market works. Through his company, he has already provided thousands of jobs for years. He is currently the best man to clean up the failing economy and get America back on its feet again.

He has vowed to strengthen the national border patrol and military. Veterans and their families also will receive more generous government pensions and protection, as well as possible healthcare for those suffering conditions due to warfare.

Trump has also said that he will reduce how much the US will rely on foreign nations. Trump has stated that he wishes to remove most, if not all, jobs from foreign nations to rebuild America’s fragmented economy from home and give rise to a strong, unified nation once more.

So no, I do not like Trump as a person. I like him as a president. His stubbornness and his knack for never backing down is exactly what our nation needs right now after years of debt, scandals, and corruption. 

Although he is not the greatest personality in the world, he has the will, the experience and the strength to rule our nation correctly for the next four years.


-Kiley Borba, Staff Writer

When it comes to our president himself, Donald Trump has said practically everything about anything.

So when you have a leader like Trump, who has said so many different things, how can you find out what he truly believes?

Looking at just a few of Trump’s 21 cabinet choices, the American people can see that the man elected as leader of the free world is not only bought, but sold, refurbished, and now wants to be rented out by an assortment of billionaires, lobbyists, corrupt politicians, and owners of corporations.

Trump picked billionaire Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. Neither DeVos nor any of her children have attended a single day of public school. Her plans include cutting back on public school funds and supporting federally funding private schools through a controversial system. DeVos does not have the educational credentials nor any experience for her intended position. 

Most people who have served as Secretary of Energy have been some form of highly acclaimed scientist who would be qualified for this field of leadership. But Rick Perry failed his chemistry class while attending Texas A&M University. 

I remember when times were simpler. Trump had just been elected, and it seemed everyone was just freaking out about that, nothing else. There was a certain phrase I could hear being passed around, “Give him a chance.”

Well, I did give him a chance, and as I write this, the president and his staff have lied to the American people, spit in the face of Native Americans, slapped the free press in the face, attempted to limit women’s rights, push us toward a trade war, and proven he truly does not care about the threat of radical Islam.

The leader of the free world  created a (failed)Muslim Ban.

This has not only created conflict with people who have visas and green cards trying to get back in the US after traveling abroad, but also refugees who were just about to be accepted into the US. Airports have been in a scurry, as many of the flight attendants on international airlines are citizens of the barred countries.

Within the first month in office, Trump had led a military strike in Yemen, that ended up killing 30 people, most of them civilians, woman and children, including an 8 year old girl. Trump called this attack a “success.”

I could say what everyone else is saying: how we have a man who admitted to sexually assaulting woman without consent; how the Republican Majority government is repealing the Affordable Care Act without having an official replacement platform ready; or how our president promised to terminate all foreign business ventures, but a week later he began construction on a golf course and hotel in Scotland. 

Our president is not only inconsistent in his words and actions, but he is confused with his vision for this nation and has surrounded himself with people who blindly pander to his general opinion. 

This is not the America I grew up to know. Lady liberty used to stand as a figure, holding out her arms, saying “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

That is what truly made America great.