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Can you be racist toward white people?

Can you be racist toward white people?

Michael Bahk and Brandon Victoriano February 9, 2018

Michael Bahk A&E Editor Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. For a sensible...

Dallas is quite alarming

Michael Bahk, A&E Editor May 15, 2017

Remember when there was a fire alarm every hour or so during last year’s finals? Dallas just had a dose of that, except for Dallas, it brought national security into question and had the entire city...

Gamers are excited and ready to broaden their horizons with e-sports. The event has had a significant rise in popularity, especially at the college level.

E-sports popularity on the rise

Michael Bahk, A&E Editor March 29, 2017

In the digital age, video games are booming, and the playerbase for all competitive e-sports is growing rapidly.  E-sports is short for electronic sports, or any video game that is played competitively...

Stereotypes pose a serious danger to American values

Michael Bahk, A&E Editor February 15, 2017

Many students can say that at one point in their high school careers, they have somehow been generalized into a forced stereotype based upon their ethnicity, sexuality, gender, or other such aspects of...

Will Donald Trump make a good president?

Will Donald Trump make a good president?

Kiley Borba and Michael Bahk February 15, 2017

Yes -Michael Bahk, Staff Writer I will be speaking about the positives of Donald Trump’s presidency, not his personality. America needs to remember that there is a difference.  Being president...

The cover of the hit “Battlefield 1’” promises action-filled adventures guaraunteed to excite gamers.

‘Battlefield 1’ is innovative

Michael Bahk, A&E Editor November 7, 2016

Gamers, war buffs and pop enthusiasts everywhere are preparing to sacrifice late night hours and money to game company EA’s brand new triple A title “Battlefield 1.”  “Battlefield 1”...

Cal student Ridhi Vuriti is busy at work coding. Last summer, she took part in the highly selective program Girls Who Code.

Senior participates in prestigious coding program

Michael Bahk, A&E Editor November 7, 2016

While most students hang out with friends or play video games for fun, Cal High senior Ridhi Vuriti enjoys coding. Vuriti took this love to the next level last summer by  attending an intensive seven...

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