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Block schedule helps in college

Kimberlee Saxer, Staff Writer

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Most colleges offer incoming students the ability to pick and choose their classes and the days these classes take place. Theoretically, students create their own version of a block schedule.

A block schedule, as we know, requires students to remember an odd and even schedule, A and B.

While it might take time for students to get used to, it’s something that could benefit them in their future in college.

Being able to have the freedom to choose where and when you take classes is a privilege in college because it’s not always an option for people.

Though various interpretations of the block schedule exist within different colleges, the basic principles are the same and the fact that it is used at Cal High will help students in the future.

Whatever way one looks at it, the block schedule is beneficial for a lot of reasons, and it is unfortunate that I will no longer have a block schedule in college.

After four years of odd days and even days, my school schedule at Johnson and Wales University in Colorado will be a little different. Even though my college schedule won’t be similar to that of Cal’s block schedule, it has still made a positive impact on me.

The biggest impact the block schedule had on me is time management. I’ve been able to spread out the work I’m given better with a block schedule than with a schedule where all classes meet everyday.

Focus is another key benefit with a block schedule. Being able to have 100-minute long classes every other day is an easier way to learn material than splitting up that time. The longer classes gave me the chance to figure out what I liked and what I did not.

Splitting up six classes into odd and even days allowed me to have more time for studying, focusing on homework, and just relaxing after school. I didn’t have the burden of doing six classes worth of homework everyday.

Even though I will be going to a college that has a very different schedule than that of Cal, our block schedule has given me some skills that will make managing college a lot easier.

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Block schedule helps in college