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Recap of year

Patrick Rettig, Editor-in-chief

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What a year it has been for the world, our country and especially our school. Cal continues to prove itself time and time again that there never is a dull moment here, for better or for worse. 

Cal was a host to many series of events and as usual  it was a mixed bag of positive and negative. Regardless of how students feel about the events of the year, all can agree 2016-17 is a school year to remember. 

The year started full of hope two weeks earlier than it usually does with the promise of finals being done before winter break. So seniors begrudgingly came back to school after going through their shortest summer ever. 

Summer quickly faded to fall, tank tops were traded in for lettermen jackets at Friday night lights and all was well. Until it was not. Homecoming was marked with cheap tickets to the dance and a blowout win against Dublin in the newly expanded EBAL. 

An ambitious event called Breaking Down the Walls came to campus with the hope of improving Cal’s atmosphere and making students more sympathetic to one and another.

A week after this program wrapped up, Cal did a complete 180 and had to do some soul searching as racism in the form of graffiti was found scribbled across bathrooms all over campus.

Subsequent investigations proved fruitless and initial administrative response was lackluster at best. 

In response, students were frustrated and many felt unsafe on their own campus. If any good did come out of the media fire storm, it was that the district dedicated itself to fighting racism and making school a safe place for all students. 

The onset of all this unrest on campus is marked by the most tumultuous presidential election in years. 

The peaceful transition of power in our country marked a non-peaceful period in the school year. 

Many marginalized groups felt more unsafe and those who sought to put others down were emboldened by the results.

More than 100 students walked out on Nov. 11 in protest of campus climate created by the election of Donald Trump. 

After the difficult fall came a relatively quiet winter where Cal hosted the Winter Wonderland dance for students with special needs. Students from five districts congregated at Cal for an afternoon of fun and dancing. It was an event to remember.

Finals for the first time came before winter break, allowing students to actually enjoy their break as they had zero homework or studying to do. 

Winter also marked a time of great performances by the choir and music departments. 

Marching band won multiple awards at various winter competitions, including the prestigious Field Sweepstakes at the NCBA Tournament of Champions.

Women’s soccer had a phenomenal season and made it all the way to NCS semifinals.

The year 2017 was marked by the dawn of a new semester and a rainy January gave way to blooming spring season. 

Spring was marked by an excellent school musical, “Working,” hosted by the drama and choir departments.

The women’s lacrosse team also had an excellent season winning EBAL for the second year in a row and placing 2nd in NCS.

Increased AP testing prices added on extra level of stress but also new potential as Superintendent Rick Schmitt promised to standardize AP test practices across the district in the near future.  

The prom and ball season was as glitzy as ever and both events were fun nights that many students will remember forever.

There are many things to be said about the 2016-17 school year, but for better or for worse there was never a dull moment. 

This was certainly a year seniors will never forget.

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Recap of year